Celtiberia show: from the plates to Mandela

If the event were not so serious, leaving behind millions of citizens who have worked and paid taxesWe could be hooting for free from sunrise to sunset.

The 4-M has left the government entente – even before – with mental cobwebs. Although one wants to be charitable and understand that the circumstances that arise force us not to apply intelligence or common sense to prosecute ministers, not a day goes by when we have (free) the fun and the chacota insured. Well we already paid the most expensive light in Europe and it is announced a cascade of new fees and taxes. It must be that with those climbs we have the right to have fun for a long time.

There are specialists and doctors in the field. At least the astronaut minister keeps his mouth shut; must be busy with creating NASA to the Spanish announced by the Chief of the Cabinet of the Presidency, forgetting that, for example, the train (AVE is not requested) it does not reach the emerging, from the economic and industrial point of view, Aranda de Duero. Visiting Badajoz, without a bundle, can cost a whole day. And they get very angry when we don’t believe a word after three years enduring bound ‘paqueiradas’!

Carmen Calvo the Eleonor Roosevelt of the situation is believed. It is touching in its verb and misunderstood in its contradictions. It is more difficult to understand (taking into account that she is an intelligent woman) the permanent desire to take citizens as assholes. That statement so much of his (“public money belongs to nobody”) still resonates in the ears of the Spaniards and perhaps for this reason it turns to the public treasury expenses to explain (if it is not, of course, about state secrets) and how he lives in a home of all you do not have to worry about the new electricity bill.

“Please, Madam Vice President, what do you think energy goes up 44%?

“What things do you ask?” That does not matter to anyone and less to those for whom we work, the poorest; the important thing is who irons.

Photo: Carmen Calvo participates this Wednesday in the Cadena Ser Cantabria Forum held in Santander.  (EFE)

Another of the lofty government figures is Minister Ábalos. From arrival by Delcy and his suitcases, he has not stopped entertaining the respectable. The latest occurrence has been to compare good old Junqueras with Nelson Mandela, which has a bronze statue in Westminster and managed to bring down ‘apartheid’ after 27 years in prison, where it did not have exactly color television.

One after another. Hot or cold; rain or shine. As they are intelligent people – otherwise I would not have reached ministers under such a sharp personality as that of Sánchez (sic) – I want to believe that they have subscribed to the famous axiom that foolishness is infinitely more fascinating than sanity.

P.S. As a button shows. The government committed to do not vaccinate with AstraZeneca and the mass population asking for that formula. Won’t they realize

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