Ancelotti asks for explanations for Isco, the 'gamer' who became a 'trotter'

One of the first footballers Carlo Ancelotti asked about at Real Madrid was Isco Alarcón. The Italian coach is interested in knowing what has happened to the Malaga player so that he is no longer an important player. Isco was one of the weaknesses of ‘Carletto’. He had it for a season and he took advantage of his talent. Isco played 53 games, scored 11 goals and gave 8 assists with the Italian on the bench. He was one of the footballers Ancelotti spoke best about, whom he described as different for his quality and inspiration. “He’s a gamer”, is the opinion of Carlo Ancelotti, who asks for explanations to a case that not even the club understands.

Carlo Ancelotti has seen from the outside how Isco has stopped playing in his team and in the National Team, lose the competitive level and have no continuity. It surprises him and he has made it known in his first contact with the club to plan the squad for the following season. For this reason he had an answer in his presentation as a new coach when he spoke of the motivation you need this type of footballers who lose confidence and fall apart. “I can motivate, but then there is a judge who is the field”, is the message that is directed to Isco.

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Ulises Sánchez-Flor

Ancelotti has been informed about the reasons that have caused Isco to lose prominence in the team to the point of becoming an expendable player and for which the club will listen to offers. This is what ‘Carletto’ doesn’t understand. He considers that Isco is at an age (29 years) conducive to being a footballer who makes a difference. He points to him as an extraordinary talent, but what he is already clear about is that the head is the main enemy of the Malaga player. This is how they have been made known at the club and that is why he talks about being motivated.

The appendicitis operation

Isco is one of those footballers who Ancelotti defines as ‘jugones’ and that they can make spectacular football. The Italian asks three things in his football proposal: be offensive, play well and have intensity. Isco could give him the first two, but the physical issue is what raises the coach’s doubts and the possibility of recovering this footballer who he loves it. In the season that they were together, he was one of his best assets, the one that he gave the most confidence to let loose on the field and have freedom in the preparation and completion of the game. With the best version of Isco Ancelotti has enjoyed. Another thing is if, six years later, the Italian coach will be able to recover this player who amazed him so much.

Ancelotti has already asked about the reasons for the prolonged pothole that Isco is going through at Real Madrid and that it will last for three years. At the club they were convinced that he was going to be one of the footballers with the most impact after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo and the signing of Lopetegui on the bench. Julen trusted Isco in his stage in the National Team and in Madrid he was untouchable until an inopportune episode appeared. Isco had to undergo surgery to have appendicitis surgery and while he was convalescing, the team collapsed. Isco wanted to advance his return to competition to help Lopeteguibut he was out of shape and it all fell apart. I arrive Solar and between the demotivation and a clash with the Argentine coach, Isco lowered his arms. Not even Zidane has been able to recover the best version of the footballer marked by criticism about his overweight and the trotting rhythm of his game.

Isco in a celebration with Ancelotti. (Eph)

Isco’s situation is delicate. He fulfills a contract in 2022 and could rush him until he is free and relaunch his career. Today he has not received any offer from another club, so that at Real Madrid they cannot aspire to have an income either. At the same time, the cost containment policy and making generational changes to rejuvenate the team, raises the dilemma about the continuity of the Malaga player to save a salary of 6 million euros.

The screening of midfielders

Ancelotti will have something to say in terms of casualties and, for the moment, is on the line they mark Florentino Pérez Y Jose Angel Sanchez. “We have to reduce the squad”, is another of the messages left by the Italian coach on his first day of work. Isco can enter this screen, but ‘Carletto’ has his doubts because he is a player who is convinced that he has a lot of fantasy. The problem is solving how many midfielders they are the ones who enter the project. There are three that have been fixed: Casemiro, Kroos and Modric. There are Fede Valverde, Odegaard, Ceballos and Brahim Díaz.

Does Isco have a place with this list of players who can occupy the center of the field? Ancelotti’s taste it is more aimed at having a player of Isco’s class before Fede Valverde. But it has to see how he is physically, the predisposition, motivation and the plans that the club sets. For ‘Carletto’ it is profitable.

Isco is one of those footballers who enter through the eyes of Ancelotti because it values ​​quality, imagination and personality. A player who promised an impressive career since he was named best young footballer in Europe by Tuttosport magazine in 2012. He won the trophy ‘Goden Boy’. A year later he signed for Real Madrid. Ancelotti met an exquisite player and did not hesitate to play with four midfielders to exploit his talent. This type of footballers who have a lot of class, but who lower their performance when they lack confidence are the specialty of ‘Carletto’. A coach who already took the Colombian James Rodriguez Bayern Munich first and Everton later.

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Ulises Sánchez-Flor

Isco has not said goodbye to Zidane and yes he has welcomed Ancelotti with a ‘like’ in the announcement of the Italian coach, on social networks, on his return to Real Madrid. With Zidane, the end has been cold. He has had differences, an increasingly secondary role and without a presence in the eleven. The last starting game that Isco played with Zidane was on April 24 against Betis (0-0) and the Frenchman took him off the field to put Marcelo in.

Did not like Isco, who in the previous match had already been a substitute and saw as a youth squad, Antonio Blanco, played ahead of him as a starter in Cádiz. Isco no longer entered Zidane’s eleven in the last seven games of the season. Not a single minute against Chelsea in London and thus has ended a season in which he has only played 29 games and has not scored a goal.

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