Nothing like the weekend for marvel at the variety of leisure possibilities before us. Do you like metafiction in genre comics? We have Grant Morrison. Demonic possessions in the eighties? The Warren marriage is back. Thinking of taking a vacation? Necromunda is the destination of fashion. Or any of the other options on our entertainment agenda for the weekend.

‘The Warren File: Forced by the Demon’

The adventures of the Warren marriage, expert hunters of paranormal phenomena and unleashes from some of the most successful horror franchises of recent times, like ‘Annabelle’, ‘The nun’ or this central ‘Warren File’, they reach the eighties. In full satanic panic they will investigate a murder committed by a man who appears to be possessed by a demon, bringing some satanic sects into play.

‘Sweet Tooth’

A series produced by Robert Downey Jr. that adapts a stand-alone comic by Jeff Lemire. In it we will know the effects of a natural cataclysm: babies with animal characteristics begin to be born, which they call hybrids and are hunted by humans. Our protagonist is Goloso, a half-deer kid who goes on an adventure in search of his roots. Directed by Jim Mickle, responsible for the violent thriller ‘Cold in July’, here in a more familiar tone.

‘Lisey’s story’

Is careful adaptation of Stephen King comes to Apple TV + with first two chapters written by the author himself and with an intriguing plot about a murdered successful writer who helps his wife, through notes that seem to predict what will happen, to survive a fatal fan of her work. Remarkable visual elegance from director Palo Larraíz and framing interpretations of the entire cast, but especially Julianne Moore and Clive Owen.

'Lisey's Story': a highly stylized vision of Stephen King on Apple TV + that stands out for its sophisticated approach to the author

‘Raya and the last dragon’

If this story of a warrior in search of the last of the mythical dragons attracted you, but you did not feel like paying the extra fee for the premium pass or you were caught out of hand to go to the movies, this Friday it comes to Disney + at no additional charge. The latest Disney Animation movie is an epic adventure steeped in Eastern mythology, action and humor with the impeccable technical finish typical of the house.


Are ‘Stranger Things’ and Alcasser’s crimes compatible? In ‘Paradise’ they think so and they combine the black Spain of 1992 with the hit Netflix series in a hodgepodge containing Spanish summers, inexplicable phenomena, disappeared adolescents and nostalgia for recreational venues and the thump-thump of the time. For young, but tall, detectives.

‘Ghosts’n Goblins Resurrection’

After a brief stint as a Switch exclusive, The renewed adventure of Sir Arthur, the mythical knight errant created by Capcom, comes to the rest of the consoles and PC in ‘Ghosts’n Goblins’ and has seen quite a few sequels, such as the equally popular ‘Ghouls’n Ghosts’. These two classic installments of his adventures are the basis of his new adventure, which maintains classic elements, adds gently role-playing airs with weaponry and magic improvements and, above all, respects the infernal difficulty of the original games.

  • Available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC

‘Necromunda – Hired Gun’

The ‘Warhammer 40,000’ universe continues to expand, this time with a frenetic FPS set in a cyberpunk chanante style, and where gangsters face death. A multitude of weapons and melee attack techniques in a game that promises action without rest, humor and even a cyberbullying.

  • Available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and PC.

‘Virtua Fighter Ultimate Showdown’

Remaster of the fifth installment and oriented to the world of eSports, and that arrives in time to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Sega. Apart from improved graphics thanks to the spectacular Dragon Engine, the game includes a Legendary LCD perfect for nostalgics: in addition to access to all the soundtracks in the history of the franchise, players can be configured to have the polygonal look of the first installment. Plus, it’s free for Playstation Plus and Playstation Now members.

  • Available for Playstation 4


You have until June 10 to download (and stay forever) this mix of action and strategy in its PC version. This week’s giveaway from the Epic Games Store is this awesome survival adventure from 11 bit Studios as you rule the fate of the last human settlement in an icy and hostile future.

'Ghosts'n Goblins Resurrection' - Sir Arthur's Most Difficult and Stylized Game Brings Arcade Hell to All Consoles and PC

‘The Nine Giants’ (Amy Webb)

Home The Nine Giants Amy Webb 202103281722

Amazon, Google, Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Facebook, and Chinese companies Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. They are the large technology corporations that, despite appearances and constant statements about how they are working for all of us, carry out actions that clearly harm us all. This book documents and discusses the need to control these companies and proposes alternatives to their presence more and more iron.

The Nine Giants: How Big Tech Threaten the Future of Humanity (PENINSULA)

The Nine Giants: How Big Tech Threaten the Future of Humanity (PENINSULA)

‘In the footsteps of Indiana Jones’ (Salva Rubio)

Cover After The Steps Of Indiana Jones Salva Rubio 202103121052

A unauthorized biography of the most famous archaeologist in cinema, which reviews how the films were born and what influenced its creators. But also the historical roots of the mythical objects that appear in them and all kinds of essential data and curiosities for devotees of adventure, whips and toys. stetsons.

In the footsteps of Indiana Jones: Magical objects, mythical places and secrets of the saga (Series and Movies)

In the footsteps of Indiana Jones: Magical objects, mythical places and secrets of the saga (Series and Movies)

‘The extraordinary years’ (Rodrigo Cortés)


A new success by the writer and film director Rodrigo Cortés, who this time moves to Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, narrating life in detail with an extravagant point by Jaime Fanjul: super-powered kids, costume-obsessed ghosts, eighty-year-olds … a catalog of grotesque wonders that leaves no puppet with a head.

The Extraordinary Years (Random House Literature)

The Extraordinary Years (Random House Literature)

‘Annihilator’ (Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving)


The new comic from the always unpredictable Grant Morrison (‘Doom Patrol’, ‘The Invisibles’) is this sci-fi story in which a screenwriter from Hollwood failed has entered a spiral of self-destruction that leaves his career at the mercy of his new script. And he will have to put himself in the hands of one of his characters, Max Nomax, whom he will help prevent the universe from imploding.


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