The motion of censure punishes Citizens and PSOE in Murcia and leaves the PP on the verge of an absolute majority

The ‘orange’ leader, Ana Martnez, is the worst valued in the survey of the Centro de Estudios Murciano de Opinin, in which only López Miras approves

The president of Murcia, Fernando Lpez Miras.EFE

It was the date that changed everything. Or case. On March 10, Ciudadanos and the PSOE joined in the Murcia region to try to overthrow, in a motion of censure, the Government of Fernando Lpez Miras (PP). As is known, they failed, since three deputies oranges they stood by the side of the leader popular.

Three months later, the Spring Barometer of the Murcian Study Center of Opinion (Cemop) throws a clear conclusion: the citizens of the region punish Ciudadanos and PSOE and reinforce the PP, which they leave on the brink of the absolute majority.

If the elections are held today, the PP will win them with 43.7% of the votes and 22 seats. The absolute majority are 23. The PSOE will follow with 14 (three less than now). It must be remembered that the Socialists won the May 2019 elections, and now they are left with eight seats.

Vox will achieve six representatives, two more than it did in 2019. United We can repeat with two and Ciudadanos will fall from six regional deputies to just one. That is, the oranges would be the great victims of the motion.

In fact, Cs remains at 3.4% of the votes, one step away from being out of Parliament (it is necessary to achieve 3% of the votes). And its leader, Ana Martnez, who would have been the president of Murcia had the motion been successful, is the worst valued by the citizens of the Region.

The leader of Ciudadanos, the worst valued in the Region of Murcia. He doesn’t even approve of his own voters. It has gone from 5.1 in December to 3.6. For his part, Diego Conesa (PSO) has gone from 4.8 before the motion to 4 now. The only political leader who achieves a pass is Fernando Lpez Miras, with a 5.5.

The main reason is that 60% of those interviewed consider that the motion was bad or very bad (among them, 67% of the voters of Cs).

The “reunification” of the right in a single party is positively perceived by 67% of the voters of the PP, 60% of those of Vox and 40% of those of Ciudadanos.

The Cemop barometer, called Electoral Realignment, shows, in the opinion of the co-directors of the same, Ismael Crespo and Juan Jos Garca Escribano, the “catharsis and the political earthquake” that led to the presentation of the motion of censure. The Barmetro shows that the motion of censure “has fully affected confidence in Ciudadanos, leaving this formation on the brink of its parliamentary disappearance in the Region”, as they have exposed during the presentation of the study.

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