Voting requirements

Citizens are a group of free, rational and equal individuals before the law, who, in theory, know their rights and participate in public decisions through their representatives and provide the basis for public power. Within the democratic context, they recognize the right to be an active part of the actions and decisions that influence the political community to which they belong.

With the support of politics, we find the strength of the word and consolidate progress thanks to the coexistence of all citizens. Free will, discussion and discrepancy make the people participate each time in the construction of their own destiny.

The lyrics say that democracy is based on the broad participation of the people in the election of rulers, in the free expression of ideas and opinions, in decision-making, in the defense of rights, in solving conflicts, as well as in the organized action -through political parties- to seek collective well-being. It is the right to participation, the core of political rights.

Despite being recognized in our Constitution, in Mexico there are still many challenges for the real exercise of political rights. Many of the representatives seek to monopolize political power, this is not exclusive to authoritarian regimes but also to democratic ones. Particularly in our country, our representatives seek by legal or extra-legal means:

Restricting freedom of expression

They insist on electoral fraud

They bet on opacity …

Therefore, it is not uncommon for elections to mean less and less to citizens, since they see only a ritual in which small elites distribute power, in which they seek to put the popular mandate at their service. Sadly, today there is a disenchanted vision that democracy does not produce incentives for citizens to be interested not only in going to the polls, but actively participating in politics.

Yes, the citizens, we only go to vote, but then we forget about politics and politicians; and we do not seek participation, even intermittently, the result is easy to anticipate. Inevitably, without citizen oversight, politicians have ample room for maneuver, which is fertile ground for corruption, abuse and impunity to flourish. It depends on this that the authorities do not exercise power in an arbitrary way.

In the next elections, politics must seek in the end, to raise the broadest consensus, to carry forward the proposals not only of the parties but also of civil society, to bring them to the fore in the areas of legislative decision and execution.

It is time to demonstrate that we are capable of society and government, to demonstrate the great progress in the construction of our democracy, to be able to say that politics is fundamentally government for all. Vote, but vote with your mind and not just on sticky messages and with infertile respects.

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