This hybrid flying car can cross Spain and you will use it like an Uber

The projects and developments of flying vehicles begin to take shape with a view to 2023 and 2024 that promise to be groundbreaking. This type of aircraft, in its great most electric or hybrid, also make an appearance in some cities in Spain such as Seville, which has a laboratory of the Chinese manufacturer EHang in order to test its technology.

Permits from the aeronautical authorities through, a couple of very marked lines of aircraft have been established. The first one that uses aircraft capable of taking off and landing vertically. And a second that follows the canons of traditional aviation with aircraft landing and taking off from a runway.

In both vehicle configurations we can find some fully electric models, others whose propulsion system is based on combustion and orbetween branch that bets on the hybrid. It is precisely the latter that is being used by one of the most promising projects that comes from the hand of VoltAero, a French company, through a new aircraft from the Cassio family.

And since unity is strength, what better way than to launch with a business alliance. VoltAero will be in charge of supplying the flying cars to the Kinect company, who will be in charge of managing a car rental service with driver -or pilot-. In the purest style of Uber or Cabify.

A flying hybrid

VoltAero is one of those companies that are always at the forefront of aircraft technological innovation. Their Cassio models are widely known in the industry and started adapting mythical aircraft like the Cessna 337 Skymaster to incorporate their technologies. And they began to fly.

Cessna 337 Skymaster test


The power plant developed by the company currently accumulates more than 80 successful demonstration flights. This makes it one of the most reliable in the sector thanks to the fact that it has a hybrid system to support the electric one.

The system in question combines 100% electric motors with an extra one of internal combustion, providing a range of powers ranging from 330 to 600 KW depending on the seating configuration that the client chooses. VoltAero has in its model menu a total of four cabins with capacity for 4, 6 and 10 seats. Kinect has opted for this latest version for its fleet.

This installed power allows you cruising speeds of 360 kilometers per hour and two modes of autonomy. The one achieved with its electric motors reaches 200 kilometers per hour, but if the requirements of the route need to go further, can extend up to 1,200 kilometers. Enough to cover a round trip from Madrid to Barcelona.

The operating cost of the Cassio is considerably reduced compared to other equivalent aircraft with a “70 cents” per seat and mile. A really low amount that can be significantly less when the aircraft runs 100% of the trip with its electric motor. Similarly, Cassio will emit 20% less polluting gases compared to its competitors.

The long-haul hybrid flying car you'll use like an Uber

The long-haul hybrid flying car you’ll use like an Uber

The central fuselage and the front of the aircraft have a certain resemblance to the Piaggio P-180, while the rear with that tail scheme more closely resembles the Cessna Skymaster with which the pilot tests have been carried out. Voltaero plans to have its aircraft ready by 2023, at which point it will be commercially part of the Kinect fleet.

Like an Uber

The first Kinect tests will take place at the end of this summer, according to Corporate Jet Investor, and in the future will be available for charter flights on demand through an application to smartphones in the United States and the United Kingdom, as the first markets.

Some users currently using the Kinect app will be able to see a preview of the cost of renting a Cassio aircraft up to 193-kilometer maximum in electric mode. “With our current aircraft, with the Cassio included, we can take off and land in [pistas de] less than 3,000 feet [900 metros]said Jonathan Evans, CEO of KinectAir.

“Today we have conventional, efficient, state-of-the-art propeller-driven aircraft ready for use in a network powered by software“, he pointed out.” That allows a On-demand expertise in the palm of your hand at an affordable price. Next, we bring the future of electricity, moving from kerosene and gasoline to hybrid technologies with Cassio from VoltAero, which will be in our fleet in 2023. “

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