In the correspondence made public by The Washington Post and Buzzfeed, the epidemiologist who led the US strategy against Covid denies that he was “censored” at any time.

The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci.AP

He was the face of the fight against coronavirus in the United States. Anthony Fauci, epidemilgo went, together with the former president Donald Trump (to whom he used to be opposed), the great star meditates during the onslaught of the first wave of the pandemic in that country. His regular appearances to report on the progress of the disease were followed by millions of people.

And while Fauci responded incessantly to reporters from the White House and scouring television screens, he also did so from his personal computer. BuzzFeed News has published more than 3,200 pages of emails that came out of your inbox between January and June 2020; for his part, The Washington Post published excerpts from more than 800 emails dated between March and April 2020.

The correspondence is a look at a frenzy and reveals the infectious disease expert’s busy schedule, answering not only government officials, but journalists as well. or even strangers who asked him about whether or not to get vaccinated against the flu as a precaution against Covid-19. For example, in one of the emails, Fauci gives guidelines to a doctor who wants to know how to proceed if he has contact with a positive patient. “Feel free to write me again,” Fauci says goodbye.

“They have never put a muzzle on me”

“I am really exhausted. I’m not sleeping much“Fauci acknowledges in an email published by BuzzFeed.” This is the White House at full throttle and I’m in the middle, “he says in a February email, confessing that the crisis reminded him”the days after the anthrax“And it is that Anthony Fauci had already worked alongside six former presidents before becoming the visible face of the Trump Administration’s management against Covid.

In another email, dating from February, a journalist asks Fauci if he has ever received orders or guidelines on what to say publicly about the virus. “They have never put a muzzle on me, they never told me that I could not speak publicly about anything in this Administration,” replies the epidemiologist. “I can assure you that they have not censored me,” he assures in another email from March.

In one of the emails obtained by the Washington Post, Fauci refers to the “crazy people in the world “ whom he blames, without naming names, for having politicized the covid crisis. On the other hand, there is also a little room for humor. And it is that while the pandemic progressed, Fauci became famous. His face was not only featured on television but also on a myriad of merchandising products. In an email whose recipient is not shown, Fauci attached a link to a story about him and Andrew Coumo, the governor of New York, about how the two had become “mass idols.” This was the comment that accompanied the link: “The world is completely crazy.”

Fauci’s correspondence also shows exchanges with Ezekiel Emanuel, a former Obama administration health adviser, about whether or not to use a certain drug against the virus, or with Mark Zuckerberg, who thanks Fauci for his “leadership” while informing him about Facebook’s intention to set up an “information center” on Covid-19.

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