The party’s national leadership now supports its leadership to the detriment of Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida’s commitment to Ana Camns’ “third way”

Pablo Casado and Isabel Daz Ayuso.JAVIER BARBANCHO

Updated Thursday, June 3, 2021 –

  • Politics Garca Egea bets on Daz Ayuso to preside over the PP in Madrid

Pablo is going to choose the model aznariano of the divide and you will win. A senior official of the PP in Madrid predicted in 2019 that Casado would not allow Isabel Daz Ayuso to preside over the party in the region to prevent it from accumulating excessive territorial power.

In the national direction of Genoa they wanted avoid at all costs the reissue of hyper-leadership of Esperanza Aguirre, who, catapulted by the iron control of the Puerta del Sol Government in conjunction with the popular Madrid had even tried to dislodge Mariano Rajoy from the dome. And the verdict of the polls then provided them with a compelling argument to be able to draw that kind of firewall.

Two years ago an unknown Ayuso had lost the elections with the worst result in the history of the PP in Madrid, weighed down by past corruption cases. Although he achieved the regional Presidency through a coalition pact with Ciudadanos tense from the beginning and the unstable parliamentary support of Vox, his internal position was weakened by the circumstances.

Now the panorama has changed diametrically. In the regional elections advanced on May 4, the candidate popularIt prevailed forcefully, touching the absolute majority – it obtained 65 of the 136 deputies of the Vallecas Assembly – and alone achieved more representatives than the three groups on the left combined, which translates unambiguous support for its management of the crisis of the coronavirus. In addition, gives him the legitimacy that he could lack to face that other internal battle.

This is how he was recognized this Wednesday by the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro Garca Egea, who for the first time publicly verbalized the turn of the leadership headed by Casado at least for now in the debate on the leadership of the Madrid party. It did so by explicitly supporting Ayuso and to the detriment of the aspirations of the mayor of the capital, Jos Luis Martnez-Almeida, who in line with what has been stated to date by the party’s national leadership, had opted for a third way, that the current secretary general of the popular Madrid, Ana Camns, takes the reins.

If I were logically affiliated my full support will be for the president Isabel Daz Ayuso, who has shown that working firmly and working for people is her saint and be, said García Egea. These statements contrast with those made by the secretary general himself on Monday, at a press conference, when he assured that he could not support anyone because it is the affiliates who must decide.

The Madrid leader has never explicitly run to lead the PP in the region, but her team has an impact on the fact that it has been her political home for the last 17 years, hinting that to apply for the position. At the moment he is the only person at the head of a popular autonomous government that does not also control the party territorially, another endorsement of his claims to which is added that the Galician Alberto Nez Feijo has announced this week that he is going to run for re-election.

Different formulas

Genoa’s initial bet for Madrid was to recover the formula that was applied between 1993 and 2004. At that time Alberto Ruiz-Gallardn and Jos Mara lvarez del Manzano were respectively at the head of the Executive of the Sun and of the Consistory of the capital, but the leadership of the party held it Po Garca Escudero.

Later, Aguirre s simultaneously held the position of president of the Community and that of the regional PP during their concatenated mandates, as Cristina Cifuentes also did until her resignation in 2017. Since then the party is led by a kind of manager -although officially there are misgivings about putting that label on it- waiting for the definitive leadership.

Unlike Garca Egea, the PP in Madrid does not officially get wet supporting Ayuso and they point out that the process has not yet begun and there are no candidacies either. When the regional congress arrives, what to be early 2022, will be the militants who decide, ditch a spokesman.


For weeks, the mayor of Madrid began to look at the pulse for the presidency of the regional party in a different way. After being a defender of the third way proposed by Gnova, that of the formation being directed by someone other than the president of Madrid himself (although he never publicly expressed this interest), he chose to withdraw from a competition where both he and Ayuso could go out. harmed. His commitment to the party is to be the national spokesperson, which is no small thing, they remember on his team. On the way to the anniversary of his two years at the helm of the Consistory (June 15), Almeida focuses on giving a boost to his mandate on the way to find at the polls, in 2023, an endorsement similar to the one obtained by the president of the Community last May 4, a victory in which the mayor participated by getting involved in the campaign as if he were just another candidate.

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