Rocío Jurado: how the heart press betrayed one of its great divas

Rocío Carrasco was presented to the media a few days after her birth, in April 1977. Already then the nickname of Rociíto was coined and she received her first flashes. It was not at all strange if we take into account that her mother, Rocío Jurado, who died on June 1, 2006, belonged to that line of artists who opened the doors of their houses with absolute naturalness, and that gesture was extended equally in the dressing room , under the Christmas tree or, as in this case, in a hospital room. Months before, she had even posed with her selection of maternity clothes. Rocío, Lola Flores, Concha Velasco and Sara Montiel knew that the press should be their ally, with the incentive of the publicity that occupied the front pages and headlines for them. But, among all of them, the Jury stood out, because she was always willing to show herself smiling like the most.

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Her good disposition reached the point of lending herself to pose simulating aerobics exercises with the most colorful tracksuit of the moment, dressing up as Cleopatra or ending up holding a frying pan in front of the stove, while she confessed not being a good cook. There was a certain desire in her to show her funnier side, to get away from the classic image of folklore, and in turn to satisfy the journalists who demanded her presence. The 1980s brought with it a veiled pact in which both parties turned to each other when needed. That also included the fact of preventing some news from seeing the light. In the case of Chipiona’s, his generosity went beyond that of many of his companions, since he rarely entered the not-so-illicit game of exclusives, giving away numerous interviews in which he did not skimp on surprising statements. It was the same time when she either allowed herself to be portrayed with Ronald Reagan or posed disguised as a Miami carnival queen. Rocío and the press were all one.

The beginning of the nineties coincided with his love affair with the bullfighter José Ortega Cano, while a short time ago the private chains had broken into, and with them a new way of entering the world of the pink press. The kiosk was moving with force to the small screen, without the singer being able to imagine that soon this system would end up becoming the closest thing to that colt riot that read the chorus of a song of yesteryear. Rocío Jurado had gone from confessing in 1977, with a pool in between, her problems finding bikinis of her size, to facing the journalist Lourdes Lancho when she wanted to find out her bra size during a television interview in 1995. “The only bra What matters to me is the mental one, which was the one you would have to wear to not ask me that question, ”he snapped without losing his usual grace. Neither the parodies that the comedians were beginning to make were to their liking, as was the case with Rosario Pardo or Los Morancos, to the point of reaching a confrontation with the latter.

The singer Rocío Jurado.Francisco Ontañón

The figure of the reporters at the foot of the street only made the situation worse. Rocío accustomed to a less inquisitive format, came to brand journalists as destroyers, vowing “never to return to the AVE”, as the trigger for all their ills. The hectic social life of her then only daughter (she would later adopt two others, a boy and a girl, in 1999) was as uncontrollable as the media itself, and the artist created an invisible wall that kept her from insidious questions. Proof of this is when, in a show of sincerity, in the middle of the press conference, he was encouraged to confess: “I am Bernarda Alba. Even if the girl dies pregnant Y hang yourselfI say that he has died a natural and virgin death ”. Controversies were not part of his plans, hence he never went to Tombola or other programs that simulate a battlefield where it was impossible to control. She who long ago had given herself body and soul to journalists such as Tico Medina, Amilibia, Jesús Mariñas and many others.

In September 2004, Rocío Jurado called the press at her house in La Moraleja, the same house where years before she had received the media at her door to sing herself a happy birthday, although this time the reason for the meeting It was tragic and transcendent: the artist announced that she was suffering from cancer, for which she was going to move to Houston (USA) imminently. It was not usual then for a public figure in Spain to give such a statement, facing it with such courage. In his intention was added the fact of not giving in to speculation, taking over the news and giving it away once more. The interpreter knew that, if she did not do so, the harassment could be greater. The largest was able to control her life, but like the rest of mortals, she could not control her death.

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