Bolsonaro and the "America strain"

The far-right Jair Bolsonaro took ten months to accept the idea of ​​buying vaccines, and ten minutes to offer Brazil as the venue for the Copa América.

Nothing better to reflect the way in which the country leads towards tragedy, irretrievably detached from reality, from any sense of responsibility. Not without reason is he treated by “Genocida”.

Manipulator that no one manages to promote even if they were superficial vestiges of lucidity, nothing more natural than promoting a soccer tournament that will coincide with the number of deaths from the pandemic exceeding half a million.

In permanent campaign for the presidential elections next year, he operates after the example of the ancient Roman generals, but with an essential difference: instead of bread and circus, virus and circus.

The reactions were the worst possible, but to Bolsonaro nothing other than the reaction of his most fanatical followers matters.

He said that he would go consult his ministers, as if any of his henchmen had their own opinion. While he consulted them, several governors anticipated rejecting the possibility of accepting parties in their provinces.

At the end of the afternoon of this Tuesday – and what a provocation -, in an act carried out precisely in the Ministry of Health, he confirmed the realization of the Cup in Brazil. And he announced that four aligned governors agreed to host tournament matches.

It was learned that the parties will not have the presence of the public. In the announcement, Bolsonaro emphasized that “coherence won.” And in that he is right: the decision to continue ignoring the countless recommendations of doctors, researchers and scientists is fully coherent.

Meanwhile, he hears the advice and recommendations of his informal advisers, a kind of parallel Ministry of Health. They defend, for example, the use of drugs that are not only ineffective as they cause parallel serious damage, and also “herd immunity”, that is, if 70 percent of the population is contaminated, the virus will lose strength.

Well: so far, official figures indicate more than 460,000 deaths, and almost 15 million infected.

It is known that the same happens in Brazil as in many other countries: a generalized under-notification, and that the real number is higher, hovering around the house of 600 thousand dead.

In any case, scientists and researchers say that of those 460 thousand deaths, at least 40 percent could have been avoided if the extreme right had not radically assumed a position of absolute denial of the real situation experienced by Brazil.

It is as tremendous a picture as elsewhere, but with a fundamental difference: here, the government’s efforts go far beyond what science determines.

Here, the unbridled populism of an ultra-rightist who thinks of nothing else than to achieve reelection next year prevails.

Because he knows that returning to the plain, and without the protection measures assured to the presidential mandate, will mean being directed directly to a court of Justice, here or elsewhere.

And he knows that the chances are very high that when that happens, his path will be without return.

That is why the more than urgent need to try to capture popular sympathy, albeit at the price of new lives lost.

What was Copa América is already treated in Brazil by “Cepa América”. Another glorious realization of the Genocide.


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