With THESE SUP boards you make the waters unsafe

Let summer come: SUP boards are available in the most colorful colors and designs.

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Stand-up paddling has suddenly developed from the gray mouse of water sports into an incredible trend. Everywhere on the water, whether on the lake, the sea or the canal – more and more people are daring SUP-Board and let yourself be carried away by the water. No wonder the demand for SUP-Boards because of this it has grown exponentially.

We’ll tell you which stand-up paddling boards are the best right now. We will also give you a few tips and show you what you should definitely pay attention to when buying.

The best SUP boards

Stand-up paddle boards come in a wide variety of colors and designs. Inflatable SUP boards are by far the most popular at the moment. These shine through easy transport, quick assembly and dismantling and uncomplicated stowage. It takes five to ten minutes to inflate a SUP board. Fortunately, most stand-up paddle boards come with air pumps.

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Most SUP boards also come with a carry bag, repair tools, paddles and straps. So you are well equipped and can paddle straight away after receiving your order. In terms of price, there are actually differences between SUP boards. At Amazon, the price ranges from 300 to 800 euros. This is primarily due to the amount of equipment that is included with the SUP board.

The best accessories for SUP boards

SUP boards usually come with all kinds of equipment, but those who still want to retrofit something will find many options on the Internet. A waterproof bag keeps valuables dry while paddling, a small pocket for cell phones and the like protects electronic devices from water. Interesting for some: swimming shoes, in case you do go swimming. This can also be dispensed with in an emergency. Many paddlers stand on the boards with socks or barefoot. Straps are also not a bad idea, as SUP boards can easily weigh around 15 kilograms.

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SUP boards: does water sports suit me?

Many people are faced with the question of whether a SUP board would be worthwhile for them at all. We say yes! If you have a body of water in the immediate vicinity and love the water, you will almost never want to part with your SUP board. The following reasons speak for buying a SUP board.

  1. The silence: Those who want to escape the stress of everyday life will most likely find the right amount of rest on a stand-up paddle board. A leisurely lap across the water lets you switch off. Especially for those who feel a little overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle of the city, the escape on the SUP board is pure relaxation.
  2. Nature: When do you take a leisurely cruise on the water and can really pay attention to the birds, the murmur of the river and nature? Quite seldom, right? Hardly any other sport is as close to nature as stand-up paddling.
  3. Sport: Riding with SUP boards is not the most strenuous sport on the planet, but stand-up paddling also trains the whole body. Strength, coordination, balance and endurance are constantly challenged. A SUP tour with sore muscles pays back, especially for arms and shoulders. And that feels really good.

Buying a SUP board: you have to pay attention to this

Basically, there are only a few things to consider when buying SUP boards when it comes to size. You can’t really go wrong when buying a stand-up paddling board if you stick to the following rules:

For beginners, the width of a SUP board should be between 32 and 34 inches. This is how you ensure the ideal hold on the board. The narrower, the more shaky the matter becomes. The longer one SUP-Boardthe faster it is. We recommend amateurs between 10 and 13 inches in length. A thickness of 6 inches is optimal. For those who weigh less than 60 kilograms, 4 inches is sufficient.

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