Actor Mel Gibson was able to play the Terminator but was very clear that he did not want the role of the cold cyber killer.

The movie Terminator The original was released in 1984 and turned out to be a huge worldwide success and catapulted the director to stardom. James Cameron and the actor Arnold Schwarzenegger. But Mel Gibson it could be the cold assassin from the future, although he turned down the role. Something that seems to have gone well for him since the main reason is that he did not want to be pigeonholed.

Also at that time, Mel Gibson he was known from the movie Mad Max: Highway Savages (1979), where he played a not very talkative character and also in the sequel Mad Max 2, the road warrior (1981) only pronounces 16 lines of dialogue. So just imagining that he would bring a cold, quiet killer to life might not make him very happy.

He was right with his decision.

Although it may seem crazy that it is wise to pass up a science fiction film that started a film franchise that still generates interest today. TO Mel Gibson the play went well. Since in the 80s and 90s, he balanced action movies with more poignant themes like The year we live dangerously (1982), When the river rises (1984) and his interesting directorial debut The faceless man (1993). Although where he stood out most in this facet was with Braveheart (1995), Passion of Christ (2004) and Apocalypto (2006).

But he has also made lighter films where he combined comedy and drama such as Forever Young (1992) and Maverick (1994). What’s more Mel Gibson has his own successful franchise, as he played Martin Riggs on Lethal Weapon. A saga that could have a new installment in the coming years.

So we don’t know exactly what would have happened to Mel Gibson if in the end I had agreed to play Terminator. But it is clear that his career and that of Arnold Schwarzenegger they would not have been the same.

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