Maribel Verdú reveals that she had to run away from when "someone very influential" harassed her

Travel with Jesus Calleja in your program Planet Calleja are cathartic experiences, or that’s how famous people always express it who are lucky enough to accompany you on those adventures.

The last to get on the boat was the actress Maribel Verdú, who in addition to visiting São Tomé and Príncipe, where you have seen religious rituals, impressive waterfalls, virgin jungle, birth of turtles or impressive beaches, has spoken with the presenter of his life and his career and revealed that he suffered sexual harassment at his work.

Jesús Calleja asked the actress at one point if she had not suffered harassment at work.

I don’t know any woman that hasn’t happened to, that we have not had to endure atrocities “, answered Verdú emphatically.

The actress already wore this case to court a few years ago, but that did not transcend, because it was something that was not usually published.

“At work it has happened to me, there have been people calling the dressing room … of very influential people, and having to say ‘can you get out of here’?”, Narrated the actress, who used to say: “Can you repeat this for me in front of my classmates?”

That “this” was a “a dishonest proposition”, as Jesús Calleja pointed out.

Then Maribel Verdú he narrated how he ran out of the dressing room and she went to call two colleagues, well-known actors, to ask them to accompany her.

“I went into the dressing room with them, and I said, can you repeat the same thing in front of them now?” There those who dare to say what they should not “stay dead”, reveals Verdú, because “if there is a male presence they are already cut off and it makes me sick,” said the actress.

And it is that if something does not support Verdú it is “apart from injustice, abuse of power anywhere, in any space, and that is still exercised a lot, “he revealed.

And it is that this type of incidents hurt especially because “someone you trust takes advantage of you, and you say, if you are a criminal. You are unpresentable “, the actress made to see.

The actress nevertheless preferred to be discreet about the details and names of that event: “People who have to know it know it, but not the whole of Spain “.


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