The pulse for control of the Andalusian PSOE starts with two apparatuses, that of Ferraz and that of San Vicente, facing each other

Juan Espadas, during the ceremony held this Sunday in Dos Hermanas.FERMN CABANILLASEFE

Juan Espadas does not want his campaign to become a parade of ministers who can expose some kind of protection by the Government of Pedro Snchez or its federal Executive. Therefore, there will not be members of the central Executive next to the mayor of Seville in the coming weeks, although that will not prevent, as in fact it already happens, the pronouncements that they can make on a personal level. Because the support is express and seamless. At least among the four ministers with a license in Andalusian socialism: Mara Jess Montero, Luis Planas, Juan Carlos Campo and Carmen Calvo.

This distancing will also allow him to circumvent, incidentally, uncomfortable debates such as the pardons to the pro-independence politicians, which force him to do tightrope exercises so as not to snub the Government or put himself in favor of a process, that of cession against separatism , what divide the militancy.

The Espadas team is aware, in any case, that it starts as the favorite candidate of the federal leadership of the party, and that, a priori, should be a plus can become a problem if it is used to question political autonomy. of the Andalusian organization and its leaders. And because, in the socialist primaries, history shows that the candidacies blessed by the apparatus they often end in failure. And there are Pedro Sánchez or Josep Borrell himself to record it.

It happens, however, that in the Andalusian primaries there is not one, but two devices. Because Susana Daz, the second (or first, depending on how you look at it) contender is an apparatus in herself, as she continued to be secretary general of the PSOE-A until this Sunday. And he has not renounced the advantages that such a condition makes available to him, which has allowed him to carry out a people-to-people campaign across the vast Andalusian territory since long before the date of the primaries was even decided.

There is a third party in the struggle in this battle: the university professor and former deputy for Seville Luis ngel Hierro, who has few possibilities but whose presence complicates the process and could make a second round necessary if none of the candidates obtains more than 50% of the vote. the votes.

Susana Daz believes that Juan Espadas’ weakness is precisely to appear as the candidate official de Moncloa and Ferraz and their speech abounds in the idea of ​​the risk that the Andalusian PSOE will become a remote-controlled organization from Madrid with remote control. And Espadas, who is a politician with an aversion to acrimony in the melee, delegates to others the thick words about his opponent, but does not hide his amazement, since the former president of the Junta, transmuted into sanchista conversa, He has not stepped on quicksand for two years to ingratiate himself with the Prime Minister and gain time at the head of the Andalusian PSOE, by virtue of a truce that practically has deleted Susana Daz from the national debate. Only now, once the primaries have been precipitated by Ferraz’s decision, Daz begins to mark his own speech, opposing, for example, toll roads on motorways, or underlining a clamorous silence in the face of pardons.

In any case, both Susana Daz and Juan Espadas evitarn una campaa bronca. In the first place, because both could get scalded and, secondly, because they are aware that the primaries cannot open wounds that are difficult to heal.

The Andalusian Socialists do not want to bleed out again in an internal contest on the eve of what should be the main battle: the one they have to fight to take the Presidency of the Board from Juanma Moreno. And do it, moreover, when the Popular Party – says Espadas – is no longer the weak PP of December 2018, but a PP grown by institutional power. For that victory to be possible, it is necessary that the Andalusians perceive that the PSOE-A has passed the page, adds the mayor.

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