This Thursday marked a month since the disappearance of Olivia and Anna together with their father, Tomás Gimeno, in Tenerife. A month of anguish and exhaustive investigation in which, although new clues have been found, it has not been possible to find the whereabouts of any of the three.

A letter with the smell of farewell, a boat, some images captured by a security camera, movements of large amounts of money, an unsurpassed rupture … Little by little they emerge traces left by the girls’ father and that they could bring some certainty to an event that has managed to cross borders.

And it is that the despair of Beatriz Zimmermann, the mother of the one and six-year-old girls, has been increasing since last April 27, the last day she heard from her daughters. Beatriz’s ex-partner and father of the girls, Tomás Gimeno, did not return the girls at nine at night as they had previously agreed and assured the mother that he would never see them again. It was from that moment that the alarms went off.

The woman, who had already received verbal threats from her ex-partner in December, immediately denounced the disappearance of his daughters to the Civil Guard. Barely 24 hours later, a boat of him and the one-year-old little girl’s chair appeared floating adrift.

Search device in Tenerife.
Search device in Tenerife.
Peter’s Henar

Although the case was initially classified as a high-risk disappearance, it was investigated as a potential parental kidnapping. However, still have not ruled out or confirmed any hypotheses that can explain how, where and why the father took the two girls. There are more unknowns than certainties, and details of the investigations have hardly transpired, as the court maintains the summary secret.

For the moment, these are the advances that the police have been making, following a search by air, land and sea (as well as an international search warrant) that continues to this day.

‘Esquilón’: Tomás’ boat found adrift

The Civil Guard has found traces of blood on Tomás Antonio Gimeno's boat, in which he was seen for the last time before disappearing without being accompanied at that time by his two daughters, aged 1 and 6, also unaccounted for.
The Civil Guard found traces of blood on Tomás Antonio Gimeno’s ship.

The first was Gimeno’s boat, ‘Esquilón’, a six-meter long boat that they found them floating, without occupants, and adrift in front of the Port of Güímar. Also in the same area, the search device found a child restraint of one of the girls floating in the sea. After analyzing the boat, the Civil Guard found traces of blood, which in subsequent tests confirmed that it belonged to the girls’ father.

Thanks to the security cameras of Marina de Tenerife, they could see how Tomás Antonio Gimeno, 37, had entered and left the premises several times with his vehicle, but without his two daughters, before the ship set sail for the last time. In fact, at that time the curfew was still in force in the Canary Islands and, as it became known later, the man was proposed for sanction by an agent, after surprising him sailing at around 11:15 p.m.

The missing girls in Tenerife and their father, Tomás Gimeno.

They also had the testimony of a vigilante who witnessed as Gimeno He took out bags, suitcases and clothing bags from his vehicle, to load them onto the boat.

According to the reconstruction of the events made by the investigators based on the recordings, they estimate that he returned to the port at 11:30 p.m. and drove to a nearby gas station. There he bought a mobile phone charger and charged his at the gas station watchman’s booth, where he stayed for about fifteen minutes to set sail, for the second time, at 12:30 am on April 28, for an unknown destination. “Nervous” and “wanting to go out” to the sea. This is how the watchman described it then.

Precisely where Gimeno could have gone when he left is what the researchers are trying to find out, whose work has been particularly hampered by the complexity involved in searching the vast ocean.

Transfer of 55,000 euros

It was decided to track the movements of Tomás Gimeno’s bank account and they discovered that he carried out a transfer of approximately 55,000 euros, directed to one of his checking accounts just the day before disappearing with his daughters. Nevertheless, Police later ruled out that the movement was suspicious, and considered them, along with the other tracked movements, compatible with their business activities.

Five records at your address

House where Tomás Gimeno and his daughters lived in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain).
House where Tomás Gimeno and his daughters lived in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain).
Europa Press

Up to five searches were made by the Civil Guard in the house of Tomás Gimeno, located in Igueste de Candelaria (Tenerife).

However, they did not find no conclusive evidence no vestige of relevance that would allow them to reconstruct the hours prior to the disappearance of the three. His car and boat were also thoroughly searched.

Sailing ship aground in the Caribbean

On May 20, a possible lead emerged regarding the whereabouts of Tomás and the girls. A boat adrift was detected in the Caribbean, near the island of Puerto Rico, and for a few hours the hypothesis that they already contemplated that the man could have taken the girls to Latin America was considered. The family later discarded any connection to the disappearance.

Farewells to your partner and parents

As reported by ‘Espejo Público’, Tomás Gimeno’s girlfriend would have received a package from him the same day he disappeared. “Don’t open it until midnight”, dictated the note signed by “Tomy”. According to what they then told in the ‘Antena 3’ program, the woman opened the package as soon as the clock struck midnight, finding inside “several thousand euros”.

Gimeno would also have sent several messages to friends and family, and his parents left his car, bought last summer. Supposedly, Tomás would have gone to his parents’ house, before disappearing, with the transfer papers signed to deliver them.

A sonar and an underwater robot

Image of the ship Ángeles Alvariño will join the search operation for the missing girls in Tenerife this week.
Image of the ship Ángeles Alvariño will join the search operation for the missing girls in Tenerife this week.
EFE / Marcial Guillén / Archive

An oceanographic vessel and an underwater robot sail across the Atlantic towards Tenerife, where They are scheduled to arrive this Sunday. Equipped with a multi-beam echosounder system, the ship will join, like the robot, in the search for the two little ones.

The ship, called ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ belongs to the Spanish Institute of Oceanography, who has given it to the Civil Guard. As for the unmanned underwater robot, ‘Liropus’, it is capable of maneuvering up to 2,000 meters deep and it has already been used on other occasions, such as the observation of the underwater Tagoro volcano (El Hierro).

The objective es sweep the underwater floor of the delimited area as a result of the geolocator they obtained by duplicating their mobile card just hours after disappearing.

Never got over the separation

As has been learned this week through a series of messages published by the spokesperson for the girls’ family, Tomás Gimeno never got over the separation with Beatriz, nor the fact that she remade her life with someone else. He even attacked Beatriz’s new partner, who filed a complaint for mistreatment and threats.

In one of those messages, Gimeno said. “It is one thing to leave the comfort zone and another is to change the continent. How easy to accept that you lose a family with which you have lived a lifetime, to lose control of your daughters “, said Tomás in one of the messages with which he responded to a series of self-help audios sent by his ex-partner.

What hypotheses are being considered?

There are several hypotheses that they have not been able to confirm or rule out after a month of research. The worst, the one everyone fears the most, is the one they least likely see. Family members do not believe that it could have had a violent outcome, as they assure that Gimeno went out of his way for his daughters. In addition, the mother has already pointed out that he promised himself that he would take good care of them when he called to tell him that he would not see them again.

Also the spokesman for the family, member of SOS Disappeared, Joaquín Amills. For him “The person who is going to kill himself does not think about the car, the motorcycle, the boat, he does not care about everything … he is fighting with life, with the environment and with anyone who has failed him, “he said in an interview for him.The Ana Rosa Program‘.

One of the hypotheses that the mother’s environment is considering is that the father may have kidnapped the girls and left the country with them to Latin America, for which they have promoted a campaign on social networks with wide national and international diffusion.

More recently they have also explored the possibility that men and girls really they would never have left the island April 27.


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