Margarita del Val speaks emphatically about the second dose of AstraZeneca

The second dose of the coronavirus vaccine in children under 60 who received the first dose of AstraZeneca has become subject of political debate between some autonomous communities and the central government, which insists that it must be inoculated with Pfizer, except if the affected person rejects it, in which case it must be signed informed consent of the possible risks. The CSIC immunologist Margarita del Val has pronounced on this question in an interview on Ana Rosa’s program.

Del Val, who is in that age group of people vaccinated with AstraZeneca under the age of 60, has defended the second dose of the same vaccine, “according to scientific evidence”, which emanates from the European Medicines Agency (EMA), has remarked.

“The European Medicines Agency, in the AstraZeneca vaccine leaflet, recommends a second dose with AstraZeneca“, has indicated Del Val, who added that the EMA” has access to all pharmacovigilance data in Europe and outside Europe. “

In this sense, the virologist has presented the case of the United Kingdom, where she has been vaccinated with a second dose of AstraZeneca: “In people who have received two doses in the United Kingdom, the incidence in severe cases is five times lower than the incidence with a single dose “.

Regarding the infrequent cases of thrombi, Del Val explained that “these serious cases with a single dose were already extremely infrequent, since with two doses even less“, has manifested.

For this reason, the expert has defended the application of the second dose with AstraZeneca: “For me that is the security evidence, which comes from the large numbers. The evidence you can have from a trial that has immunized less than 500 people with AstraZeneca first and then Pfizer is useful to see the common side effects, but those that are uncommon, infrequent, very rare or still much less than very rare, which are those of this AstraZeneca vaccine, cannot be seen at all“.

Del Val has compared the “less than 500 people” who have been vaccinated in the clinical trial on which Sanidad has been based to justify the second dose with Pfizer with “10 million people” vaccinated in the UK with both doses of AstraZeneca.

“I do not feel morally authoritative at all to recommend that someone get the Pfizer vaccine as a second dose after AstraZeneca. without having comparable safety data to the other 10 million from two doses of AstraZeneca, “said the CSIC virologist in this regard.

At this point, the journalist Ana Rosa Quintana has asked Margarita del Val if it had not been more logical than Health ask for consent if they want to mix vaccines and not by getting vaccinated with it. His response has been overwhelming: “Yes,” he said.

Likewise, the expert has ensured that if the problem were that there are not enough doses of AstraZeneca for everyone, “just as the second dose of the essentials under 55 years old who had received the first dose was delayed, the second dose could be delayed of those who came later, there would be no problem. “

Del Val explained that being an adenovirus vaccine “it is known that, in general, although the following doses can be given years after the first, there is a very important immune system booster“.

In any case, the immunologist has issued a warning about the choice of the second dose: “It should not be extended to be able to choose which vaccine to use. Because they are putting the decision in the hands of people who do not have all the informationWho has it is the European Medicines Agency, and it is what we must follow and it is perfectly included in the vaccine leaflet “.

“We have never chosen the flu vaccine that they give us, and there were six or seven in the last season, and we did not choose. They can’t put that weight on us, that burden of choosing or giving ourselves to choose, because that distorts vaccination campaigns, “Margarita del Val has emphatically indicated.

“They have to put us the best vaccine for us taking into account the rest of the most vulnerable people in the population, not give us a choice“, has settled.


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