• The artist is faithful to a strict nutritional plan controlled by specialists, thanks to which she has lost about twenty kilos

Laura Pausini has become one of the leading names in the first months of 2021. The Italian, who has recently recounted the unpleasant events experienced with her previous record company, reached a new milestone in her long career. The year began with Laura taking a Golden Globe for the best song for ‘Io sì’ the main theme of the soundtrack of ‘Life ahead’. Later came the Oscar nomination in the same category. And, in parallel to her professional triumphs, Pausini has prepared for these appointments by following her healthy lifestyle, which she has maintained for some time and which has resulted in a physical change thanks to a protein diet very demanding.

One of Laura’s great pleasures has always had to do with food: She is very fond of pizza, among other dishes of Italian gastronomy. But years ago he explained that he can not abuse it: “I should not eat a lot of carbohydrates so that my butt takes care of itself,” he was sincere. On the other hand, he has also recognized in an interview that training does not like too much. “But you have to do it, the movement is important,” he admits. Perhaps that is why a good part of his physical change has to do with having focused on adopting new dietary guidelines.

No miracle or too strict diets, the success of Laura’s physical change is constancy: she has been faithful for years to a protein diet controlled by specialists, which combines with physical activity, and that has allowed her, according to Italian media, lose up to twenty kilos. But what is the Pausini nutritional routine and what does it consist of?

SDM: the protein diet that has made Laura Pausini lose about 20 kilos

The diet that Laura has been following for some time is called SDM diet, and is part of the so-called protein diets. Designed to lose weight in short periods of time. Contrary to what it might seem, it is not a high protein diet, in which the consumption of these nutrients is quantitatively enhanced. Rather, it is a protein-balanced but highly hypocaloric diet and, especially, restrictive on carbohydrates.

A nutritional plan like the singer’s focuses on ketosis, a metabolic change that enhances the rapid and progressive loss of adipose tissue. In the case of Pausini, it has been monitored at all times by nutritionists, to take into account the possible risks of such a strict nutritional regimen. The plan follows several phases: the slimming in which the objective is to achieve ketosis, the transition phase in which certain foods are gradually reintroduced, and the maintenance phase once the desired weight is reached, promoting physical activity.

A nutritional plan like that of the singer of ‘Emergency of love’ bets, during the strictest initial phase, on meals in which proteins (meat, fish, eggs) and, especially, low carb vegetables. As time goes by, foods until then prohibited, such as those that contain quality carbohydrates in low proportions, will be added towards a balanced style.

The trick with which Laura Pausini complements her protein diet

Laura has confessed, in these months, some of the tricks that complement healthy habits to be in shape. One of them has to do with what she drinks during the day: instead of water, Laura opts for draining drinks, which can help you stop retaining fluids. He always has a bottle on hand with some of them, all natural.

Pilar Rubio’s Protein Konjac Pasta

The truth is that increasing protein intake in diets, and reducing or eliminating carbohydrate intake is a ‘must’ in many diets. Pilar Rubio, who many times has given us details of what the diet is like to stay in shape, told us about a protein paste, which does not make you fat, and has hardly any carbohydrates. In this video he talked about konjac pasta, the root or tuber of Asian origin very rich in fiber that is used in many weight loss diets, and the recipes that he prepares with it:

The protein paste that Pilar Rubio eats in order not to gain weight: konjac

Pausini gives room to “feasts and endless dinners”

Pausini has used his social networks to share his evolution with his more than 3.5 million followers, regularly showing his workouts on his Instagram stories. Also admitting that, despite being constant, it also has room on special occasions. Last Christmas, the artist confessed to her audience, recognizing that she had four days of bingeing and endless dinners, and that the “feeling of guilt” had invaded him. “Today it’s time to run because a New Year’s Eve awaits me in the kitchen!”, She announced, posting an image of herself dressed in sportswear and up on a treadmill.


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