Political humor returned in "Showmatch" from the hand of "Chief of Police"

This Friday the humor of ShowMatch returned to the screen of eltrece with “Politicheff”. As Marcelo Tinelli had anticipated in dialogue with Telenoche (eltrece), the comedians played Cristina Fernández, Alberto Fernández, Rodríguez Larreta, Axel Kiciloff, Ginés González García, Máximo Kirchner and Diego Santilli.

In this first broadcast of “Politicheff” the characters entered the studio one by one, where they were received by the host of the program with whom they had hilarious conversations.

The first to appear was Alberto (Freddy Villarreal), who took the opportunity to send a message of health awareness to all Argentines and taught Marcelo how to repulse.

Then it was the turn of the “pelado y el Colo” pair, made up of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (Martín BilyK) and Diego Santilli (Juampi González) who entered covered by “a bubble”.

Later, Axel (Iván Ramírez) entered, who gave a detailed explanation of the emergence of Covid-19, and awarded it to the action of “a bat that went to clandestine parties and when the police fell, it was spicy because it was a bat capitalist”.

In turn, Máximo (Cristian Alonso) expressed his electoral intentions for 2023, and Ginés (Milton Ré) carried a little ice cream maker under his arm and offered Sputnik vaccines.

The last to join this first gala was Cristina (Fátima Florez), who, true to her style, gave a passionate speech.

Tinelli on Telenoche

There was great expectation with this sketch that combines humor, politics and cuisine. In fact, minutes before the beginning of the cycle, Tinelli spoke in a one-on-one with Luciana Geuna and Diego Leuco where, when asked if he was not afraid of being involved in some controversy, he denied.

“We have been doing humor since ’95. In the year in which Carlos Menem sat down, some interpreted that we were Menemists, but later in ’99 with ‘Los Raporteros’ -who were more critical- they told us ‘what turros they are’. They also said that we were the ones who turned it over to Fernando De La Rúa, but he came to the program and got a lot of things confused and I’m not going to take care of that. Then came the ‘Alica, Alicate’ and they said that we made him win Francisco De Narváez (…) Each one is going to do things, but I don’t think we have as much strength as for that, “he said about the impact of humor on the political agenda.

“We try to show and ridicule characters who are very serious or solemn. That is interpreted according to the joke that each comedian makes, but we do not lower a political line and we do not play for anyone. We try to make humor and that people can laugh ”, concluded the driver.

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