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I’m more of a fan of “How I Met Your Mother” than of “Friends” (I am sorry). And despite not being part of the primary community of forties who loved to see the daily adventures and love triangles of the famous six best friends in New York, I must say that “Friends: The Reunion” can captivate to the brink of watering your eyes. Thanks, HBO Max, for releasing this nostalgic compilation during the second hardest year that humanity goes through: we needed it.

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In general, it is very ugly to see how some remakes, reunions or sequels throw away splendid film constructions, but “Friends: The Reunion” It is not the case. This ‘documentalezco’ show is the hybrid format that the legendary 1994 sitcom needed, whose fans at the time, even those of later generations, were eagerly awaiting.

But how do we summarize “Friends: The Reunion“? On the basis, I think, on two very important points. Leaving aside the botox of more than some of its protagonists (ok, I had to say it) first, we can mention the dramatic devices that the original producers Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright used, such as the South Korean musical group BTS, and second the original message and very consequential that they discovered in the last 17 years since the transmission of the last chapter on May 6, 2004.

Each actor has earned about $ 2.25 million and $ 2.5 million for participating in “Friends: The Reunion,” according to the Wall Street Journal. (Photo: IMDb / Warner Bros.)


None of the actors, Jennifer Aniston (Rachel), Courteney Cox (Mónica), Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe), Matt LeBlanc (Joey), Matthew Perry (Chandler) y David Schwimmer (Roos), have gone out of style. The series, with such a peculiar national American comedy, has managed to stay current and the special episode reveals behind the scenes that the artists still have that spark intact, which looks like improvisation, but is not. The jokes, as we already know, were rewritten and choreographed in the middle of the shoot.

At the beginning, the chapter begins with a tone of tribute, when one by one they enter the door of the recreated Warner Bros. studio and some of them are more moved than usual. The initial tears were a bit fragmented, knowing how technical it can be for an actor to do it, but the hugs and affection worked, and it was reinforced with the video of last week on social networks, where LeBlanc and Schwimmer say that they are not so in contact as “the girls”.

Some will think otherwise, but “Friends: The Reunion”Plays with the corollary of memories of the artists in such a poignant way, as with their sculptors, the creators of the series. The scenes of the team repeating the dialogues at a script reading table organically combine with the reference to clips from specific episodes and all this is accompanied by the testimony of the directors and producers.

According to figures that host James Corden presented on the show, “Friends” was the number one comedy on television for six seasons in a row. There are a total of 10 seasons. (Photo: HBO Max)

However, the production considered that the stardom of the actors was not enough, mainly that of Jennifer Aniston. A greater stellar presence was needed, such as the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Malala Yousafzai, speaking of how transcendent and addictive the series was in its time, Lady Gaga confessing that “Smelly Cat” is one of her favorite songs, and the star David Beckham telling the viewer face to face what his favorite episode of “Friends”.

Besides them, characters like the Blackjack dealer, Thomas Lennon, Rachel’s sister, Reese Witherspoon (Jill) and other cast members who put the icing on the cake, not to mention the presence of other potential fans of the series that the production convened, such as Justin Bieber modeling Ross’s potato suit and Cindy Crawford reviving the catwalk with another suit of the same character. All of them made him not feel an empty minute in that hour and forty.

That’s why “Friends: The Reunion” fell a bit with the conduction of the British James Corden – it did not add dynamism to the conversation, it was more compliant than anything else. The conversation about David Schwimmer’s love crush, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt LeBlanc’s shoulder injury are tiny parts of everything they could have told us about what was happening behind the scenes. (Photo: HBO Max)


It will always make us laugh to see the couple of friends staying all day in the armchair without going to the bathroom, or the naivety and spontaneity of Rachel with her romances. Thus, “Friends”, the series that was translated into 18 different languages made Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai and her best friend, Vee, laugh. He helped a duo of friends in Shanghai make funnier pranks to meet girls and prompted a young African woman to break free from social restrictions while watching the sitcom.

Every clip and every word brings you closer to the experience of friendship. Knowing what will happen to them in the future, thinking “wow! What if Matt LeBlanc hadn’t woken up to go to the casting that day? ” and conclude that the life of the fans of “Friends” would be less funny and ridiculous, if they had not laughed with scenes very similar to real life, which many times we see as dramas and are actually comedy, such as losing their jobs or suffering for a break.

The sitcom “Friends” was viewed over 100 billion times, across all platforms on which it has been made available, according to data revealed on the show “Friends: The Reunion.” (Photo: HBO Max)

The truth is that, at the beginning of a relationship with friends, you think it will last forever, but as the years go by, everything changes. Each one forms his family, changes neighborhood, has moments of loneliness and isolation, problems are bigger than free time, they change friends, change their ideology, humor is different. They laugh differently, they suffer differently. Then you go back to hanging out with friends, and then you stop seeing them again.

What is friendship but a silly everlasting and funny, unspoken and nostalgic agreement? The true camaraderie that “Friends: The Reunion” raises is a slap to its audience and you can feel it asking yourself these questions.

When was the last time you had an ice cream with that friend who understood you like no one else? When did you stop betting your own department playing “who knows more about whom”? When was the habit of visiting your best friend lost? When did you stop listening to her or him to you? When did life pass and nobody noticed? When you found out that it doesn’t matter if time passes, because it will always be like the first time they did that stupid clown.

It is not only interesting to return to the team and talk about the past to feel that everyday American humor that does not go out of style, but also to be part of that group of people who have good friends with an important and unforgettable bond of friendship.


"Friends": top 5 scenes from the series.  (Skip Enter)
“Friends”: top 5 scenes from the series. (Skip Enter)



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