El Comidista weekly menu (May 31 to June 6)

Grandmothers say that “June is all day, children, young and old have more energy”, and they are right. Proof of this is this new installment of our weekly menu loaded with ‘power’ in which – to rejoice that we are already in June and it smells like a beach and an umbrella – we bring you a lot of fresh, picturesque recipes with seasonal products that will calm the heat that for a few days has begun to press. Among them: soups, salads that are not the usual and even a seafood fideuà. June also brings us products of the land that we are looking forward to eating all year round, such as watermelons or nectarines, which you will find in our menu along with other fruit desserts and ice creams that are very easy to make. And remember: if you want to find out before anyone else about everything that is going on, you can subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive El Comidista’s weekly menu in your email every Friday. Here you have all the information.

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Cold carrot, coconut and ginger soup

When temperatures rise, cold creams begin to rise in the food recipe book. Today’s has poached carrot, vegetable broth, chives, ginger and a creamy touch of coconut milk.

Potato stuffed with roast chicken

A dish of use that plays with the most common leftovers when we roast a chicken at home: the breast and the potatoes. A few pickles and a little sauce round off the play in this delicious and adaptable dish.

Apricot Greek Yogurt Popsicles

These fruit ‘popsicle sticks’ are perfect for sucking without being mistaken for a bear and cooling you down at the same time. You only need a freezer and two hands to make them.

Bean salad with apple mustard and mint

Green beans can not only be eaten hot. In salad and cooked to the point, they give a crisp and fresh touch to this recipe, which is topped off thanks to the homemade apple mustard dressing.

Pasta with tomato, garlic and anchovies

Taking into account that the anchovies are going to end up converted into a pastuflis that will especially add a umami point to the recipe, it is not necessary to take the best ones from the store, although if they are in olive oil, part of it can be added to the sauce .

Seasonal fruit: strawberries

If it only occurs to you to eat them alone or with yogurt, you are missing many of their possibilities.

Salad with cherry tomatoes and braised peppers

Is there something healthier, richer and simpler than grilled vegetables? Maybe the salad. Or is it the roasted vegetables? If you have ever had this dilemma, today we help you solve your greengrocer conflict.

Zucchini Parmigiana

The traditional version of this Italian dish has aubergine, but it can also be made with zucchini. And choose if you fry it or cook it on the grill, or add cheeses with a more or less intense flavor.

Roasted nectarines with honey and vanilla

The beardless alternative to peach works miracles with vanilla. This recipe is so easy that it borders on ‘jetapostrismo’.

Hummus with roasted carrot and paprika

A healthy, tasty and inexpensive snack with the characteristic flavor of roasted carrots, which can also be used to brighten up a morning toast or some grilled vegetables.

Bream with butter and lemon

The French technique called “meunière” emulsifies butter with lemon juice, and is perfect to accompany fish such as sea bream. A few seasonal vegetables round out the plate.

Seasonal fruit: watermelon

There should be a yellowish spot in the area that has been in contact with the soil, and tapping it with your fingers should “feel hollow.”

Lima tuna dish

This recipe for the classic Peruvian mashed potato cake with different fillings brings as a gift the suggestions of different chefs to make you feel in Lima itself.

Grouper with gazpachuelo and cherries

Gazpachuelo is a recipe emulsified with homemade mayonnaise, which becomes a slightly lighter sauce but with a lot of substance when we mix it with fish broth.

Tropical iced glass with citrus and mint

In the absence of a master ice cream maker to calm your urgent needs, you can have some chopped pieces of fruit in the freezer. When you get the attack, you put them in the blender with some more fruit, juice, coconut milk, yogurt, milk or whatever and in a couple of button strokes you have a breakfast, snack or snack almost below zero ready.

Beef tartare with basil and dried tomato

We send the steak tartar traveling to Italy dressing it with olives, dehydrated tomato, basil, lemon and oil. Some bread and a sharp knife is all you need to enjoy this recipe.

Seasonal fruit: apricot

It is a relative of the peach and plum, it has very few calories, and a good amount of fiber that makes it a very satiating fruit.

Fideuá Seafood

It has as much substance as a dry rice, but it is much easier to prepare: the only secret for this fideuá to come out well is that the sauce is very dry and the fish stock is very tasty.

No-bake peach cheesecake

They raise the thermometers and we leave the use of the oven for September. Until then, nothing better to sin than a fresh cheesecake, with seasonal fruit and zero sweat.

Nectarine Tequila Ice Cream Cocktail

It is citrusy, it is drunk cold and it makes you a bit happy: nectarine is one of the stars of summer, and in addition to eating it you can also drink it in tasty cocktails like the one we propose today.


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