Belarra proclaims that she is "tired" from "drag" to the PSOE to comply with measures such as the Housing Law

The Minister of Social Rights, Ione Belarra, has proclaimed her aspiration to place Podemos as the majority force of the progressive arch and has assured that it is “tired” of “dragging” the PSOE for the approval of the Housing Law with the regulation of the rental price, compromised in the coalition agreement.

“We are tired of dragging, of pulling the rope”, has launched during an act in the Madrid town of Getafe of his candidacy to lead the purple formation, to also allude to the push they deploy to try to remove the Trans Law, which would already be approved if everything depended on the Minister of Equality, Irene Huntsman. Therefore, he has defended that within the coalition this Ministry be allowed to make “the laws it wants.”

During this meeting with supporters, the aspiring to succeed Pablo Iglesias at the head of the purple formation has stressed that “is not satisfied” with governing in the minority with the Socialists and that their main objective is to ensure that, in the next elections, the Third Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, is the first President of the Government.

Clothed by Montero, the number two on his list and other members of his candidacy such as Rafa Mayoral, Jesús Santos, Isa Serra, former athlete Roberto Sotomayor or Alejandra Jacinto, there have been multiple references to the efforts of United We Can to ensure compliance with the government pact.

Especially in relation to the Housing Law after four months late on the initial calendar agreed with the PSOE in the General State Budget agreement. The fundamental discrepancy still lies in the regulation of rent, since the Socialists advocate a model of tax incentives for owners that lower the rent of tenants while the purple wing demands a regulation that puts a ceiling on prices in line with what has been agreed at the end of October last year.

Montero: “Governing in the majority so as not to be pulling anyone”

In this regard, Irene Montero has stressed that, despite those who say that “they are dead”, Podemos has shown despite arriving the Government “beaten” and “in the minority”, which is capable of achieving progressive policies “for real” because, without its presence, there would be no Minimum Living Income, nor will a Housing Law with rent regulation go ahead.

We will never give up on winning, to win everything and to govern in the majority so as not to be pulling anyone and to do things more quickly, “emphasized the head of Equality in reference to the PSOE. And it is that he has said that it is” simple “to put in an electoral program. progressive ideas, say you are very green and feminist. “

But he has recounted when “difficult moments” arrive and they are accused of “mounting a fight” in the Government so that they desist, the members of United We can choose to make it clear that the program “is fulfilled” and that the Housing Law comes out with “rent regulation”.


In turn, Belarra stressed that they are committed to a “real green reindustrialization” and it has ensured that if they held the competences of Industry, the State would be more involved to protect the positions of the employees of the Airbus plant in the Cadiz town of Puerto Real.

And it is that since that “nonconformity” defining her party, the Minister of Social Rights stressed that Podemos “is going to be what it has always been”, the “fundamental engine of the transformations” that this country needs, since they have the “best ideas” and dream of a “better country”.

In this way, they have indicated that they want to make a “just ecological transformation” now that the country’s large companies claim to be the “most benefited”, when they have been the “greatest polluters.”

Belarra: “It is time for women”

In an internal key he has had words of gratitude for Montero, because “without his support I would not have taken the step” of presenting his candidacy, and Iglesias, then without their “legacy” they could not be in the current position to be a key political force in the governance of the country.

Regarding the project that he is championing, Belarra has praised that his candidacy brings together “the best” of the experience of these years, with leaders who have “left their skin” in the institutions and in Congress to “give a voice to those below,” but have also valued “the new” with incorporations such as Sotomayor and the differential attitude of Podemos against other parties, which “entrench themselves” with people who “want to perpetuate themselves in the armchair.”

The aspiring to lead Podemos has stressed that, after the step aside from Iglesias, now does not attack the “style” of the former secretary general but against Podemos as a party, which shows in his opinion that they “fear” the support that their sympathizers offer them and obtain measures that seemed “impossible”, such as the increase in the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI), the Child Protection Law. or manage to manage the Covid-19 crisis by “taking care of the people” with “expansive policies.”

Facing the fourth Citizen Assembly, Belarra has called for more Podemos to root in the territories and has asserted that “it is time” for women to put themselves “in front” of the organization to advance in a “choral leadership”. And it is that before “patriarchal” approaches, she “does not come to compete with anyone” but from the “hand of friends” such as Montero, Serra, Jacinto or the Secretary of State for Equality, Noelia Vera, to share this new stage.

Sotomayor joins Podemos due to responsibility

Meanwhile, former athlete Roberto Sotomayor, one of Belarra’s signings for his candidacy, has wanted transfer your support to deputy Alberto Rodríguez before the “injustice” that supposes, in his opinion, the decision of the Supreme Court to open an oral trial.

He also stressed that he has taken the step of joining Podemos for “loyalty” to a social program in which he has believed for many years and out of “responsibility” in the face of a situation in which “hate speeches” emerge.

His partner, Alejandra Jacinto, has stated that in this new stage purple formation they have to open up to social movements to be their “speaker” and “make them grow” while respecting their autonomy. For her part, the state co-spokesperson Isa Serra has emphasized the commitment to achieve a “plurinational republic.”

In addition, the regional coordinator of Podemos Madrid has urged “move away from academic elitism” and it has been revealed that to “make Podemos grow” they have to “work hard” to explain to people that “things do not fall from the sky”, that if there is “the biggest increase in the minimum interprofessional wage” it is because Podemos is in the “coalition government” and that the regulation of rental prices is not a matter for the ministers of their political space but for the majority of society.


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