1. FC Köln at Holstein Kiel: FC with great chances, nothing more comes from Kiel

Kiel –

For 1. FC Köln it’s about everything! After the 0-1 first leg defeat against Holstein Kiel in the relegation, a win on Saturday in the second leg (6 p.m., DAZN) is mandatory for the FC – otherwise the seventh relegation in club history threatens!

  • Relegation 2021: 1. FC Köln in the second leg at Holstein Kiel
  • 1. FC Köln lost the first leg 0-1
  • Relegation second leg here in the live ticker

You can follow the game of 1. FC Köln at Holstein Kiel here in the live ticker:

Holstein Kiel – 1.FC Cologne 1: 4

Holstein Kiel: Gelios – Neumann, Komenda (from 63rd Kirkeskov), Wahl, Lorenz (from 46th Girth) – Lee, Meffert, Mühling, Bartels – Reese (from 81st Awuku), Porath (from 46th Mees)

1. FC Cologne: T. Horn – Ehizibue, Bornauw (from 46th Meré), Czichos, J. Horn (from 46th Jakobs) – Skhiri – Wolf (from 72th Thielmann), Hector, Duda (from 63rd Meyer), Kainz – Andersson ( from 76th Drexler)

Tore: 0:1 Hector (3.), 1:1 Lee (4.), 1:2 Andersson (6.), 1:3 Andersson (13.), 1:4 Czichos (39.)

81.: At Kiel there is now Awuku for Reese.

79.: Directly in the next attack, Drexler runs alone towards Gelios, the Kiel keeper repeatedly parries strongly.

78.: Good corner variant of the FC. Kainz plays the ball flat on the edge of the sixteen, Meyer takes the ball directly, but just misses the angle on the far post.

76.: Now comes the next ex-Kieler at FC: Drexler comes for double packer Andersson.

75.: Even if it is still 4: 1, FC easily missed far too many great chances for an even higher lead in the second half.

72.: At FC, Wolf has now finished work, Jan Thielmann comes into the game for him.

72.: The FC continues to deliver the Kiel up front, so far it’s been a squeaky clean performance of the Cologne.

65.: Another action by the home side in the FC penalty area, but Mees` ball sails past the goal. Afterwards, Timo Horn already gets the yellow card for time play.

63.: The next changes: At Kiel, Kirkeskov comes for Komenda and at FC Meyer for Duda.

62.: The FC continues: Duda with a cross from the half-field, Andersson’s header is too unplaced.

61.: Now it should have been 7: 1 long ago. Kiel does not get the ball out well, Wolf benefits and plays in the middle on Andersson. The Swede fails again alone in front of Gelios. Hopefully it won’t take revenge later.

58.: Next good pass from Duda to Andersson, who curves around Gelios, but fails when a Kieler slipped in front of the empty gate. Aytekin whistles the action back because of offside.

56.: Wolf changes her side to Kainz with a high ball. The Austrian accepts him well, jiggles his opponent briefly and pulls away, but the ball goes past the box.

53.: The next big possibility: After a corner the FC gets the second ball. Suddenly Andersson is completely alone in front of Gelios, but is probably too surprised and does not hit the ball properly.

52.: The big chance of the 5: 1. Wolf pushes the ball through to Kainz in the penalty area, but the Austrian sticks to Gelios.

48.: The FC continues as in half time one. Wolf and Kainz on the left with a nice one-two, Gelios intercepts the cross easily.

46.: At FC Jannes Horn and Sebastiaan Bornauw stayed in the dressing room, with Ismail Jakobs and Jorge Meré coming for them. With the Kielers, Girth and Mees come for Lorenz and Porath.

The second half of the game of 1. FC Köln at Holstein Kiel kicks off

Half-time conclusion: What a crazy start in Kiel! First the 1-0 through Hector, directly in return the equalizer through Lee. In the aftermath, it was Andersson who brought FC back into the lead. Almost seven minutes later, the Swede gave FC a 3-1 lead with his brace.

The FC did not allow anything from the Kielers except for the goal, was focused and snappy in the duels. Ex-Kieler Rafael Czichos slammed the ball into the corner shortly before the break with a volley to make it 4-1.

So the sparkling eleven must absolutely continue in the second round. As a Bundesliga club in Kiel, FC can no longer miss this tour.

Half time in the game of 1. FC Köln at Holstein Kiel

45.: There is two minutes of stoppage time.

44.: Horn rightly sees the yellow card for the action now.

43.: That was once a dangerous counterattack from Kiel. Jannes Horn kills Bartels at the center line from behind, but Mühling still gets through with the ball. The hosts midfielder comes almost to the baseline, brings the ball in, but Lee is unable to get the ball under control.

39.: After an FC free kick, Czichos gets the second ball completely free in the penalty area in front of his feet. The ex-Kieler does not hesitate and hits the ball volley in the corner – untenable for Gelios. 4: 1 for FC!

Goal for 1. FC Cologne

37.: The Kiel fans now want to have a foul for every action, just like in the FC penalty area. Aytekin remains calm and rightly lets go on.

35.: Even if the FC loses the ball at the front, there are immediately enough players on the defensive to stop Kiel. At the moment, the hosts run out of air very early on counterattacks.

33.: Jannes Horn clears a Kiel cross for a corner, but Porath’s cross is definitely caught by Timo Horn.

28.: Bornauw made up for a mistake and stopped a Kiel counterattack shortly before the penalty area. Aytekin whistles right, but the yellow card is a little too hard. Mühling’s free kick is then far too harmless.

27.: Kainz takes a free kick into the box from around 30 meters away, but Hector does not get behind the ball well.

24.: Kiel is no longer dangerous in the Cologne half, the Funkel-Elf is extremely snappy, the rooms well.

20.: The FC also seems very focused against the ball, doesn’t leave the Kielers a lot of space and gets on their feet early on.

17.: The game has probably calmed down a bit for now. The FC tries now to control the action with possession of the ball.

13.: The FC takes a corner briefly, Kainz crosses and Andersson heads again. Gelios can barely parry, but Reese on the line directs the ball over the line. 3: 1 for FC!

Goal for 1. FC Cologne

10.: That was a completely crazy beginning phase! First, FC took the lead very early through Hector, and in return, the Kiel team equalized through Lee. And almost again in return, the Cologne increase to 2: 1. That was very important for FC. Keep it up guys!

6.: Again, almost in return, the FC comes over again on his left side. This time Kainz brings in the flank. This time Andersson is spot on and heads FC again in the lead.

Goal for 1. FC Cologne

4.: Directly in the counterattack there is the equalizer. Reese comes forward at great speed over the left side of Kiel. Horn saves strongly, but Lee heads the ball to equalize.

Goal for Holstein Kiel

3.: The FC comes on the left with Duda, who brings in the ball. Jonas Hector is right in the middle and heads to 1-0 for FC.

Goal for 1. FC Cologne

1.: Kiel kicks and plays from left to right.

The game of 1. FC Köln starts at Holstein Kiel

5:55 p.m .: The referee today is Deniz Aytekin (Oberasbach). The 42-year-old last whistled FC 0-0 at Hertha BSC on matchday 33.

5:50 p.m .: The FC anthem sounds in the Kiel stadium! It is a tradition with the storks to play the club song of the visiting team before the game.

5.45 p.m .: FC loaner Niklas Hauptmann played in the first leg for Kiel from the beginning, but today he has to pass due to an injury. In the summer he will return to Cologne for the time being.

5.40 p.m .: Like in the first leg, FC are playing in their red away shirts again today.

5:35 p.m .: The so far last FC away game in Kiel ended 1: 1. On October 20, 2018, FC were clearly the better team in the 2nd Bundesliga, leading 1-0 through Simon Terodde until shortly before the end. But in the 88th minute, Heinz Mörschel used a misunderstanding between Timo Horn and Jorge Meré to equalize.

5:28 p.m .: According to “Kieler Nachrichten” there are around 120 FC supporters on site in Kiel.

5:22 p.m .: In the first leg in Cologne no spectators were admitted, in the second leg in the Holstein Stadium today 2350 fans are allowed to watch, but only Kiel supporters. Fair and equal conditions in two such crucial knockout games look different. FC fans who travel to Kiel do not come directly in front of the stadium. A protective ring was built around the arena within a radius of 200 meters.

5.13pm: At Kiel, the two top performers Jonas Meffert and Alexander Mühling are returning to the starting line-up in the central midfield after they had to watch the first leg due to a yellow card suspension.

5:07 p.m .: With this line-up, the Kielers go into the game: Gelios – Neumann, Komenda, Wahl, Lorenz – Lee, Meffert, Mühling, Bartels – Reese, Porath

5:02 p.m .: For the time being, Zieler, Schmitz, Meré, Höger, Meyer, Özcan, Drexler, Jakobs and Thielmann are sitting on the FC bench.

4:57 p.m .: Friedhelm Funkel changes four times in the FC starting eleven compared to the first leg. Noah Katterbach, Benno Schmitz, Salih Özcan and Ismail Jakobs have to stay outside for the time being. Jannes Horn, Kingsley Ehizibue, Florian Kainz and Sebastian Andersson have been there for them from the start. The FC should play again in 4-1-4-1, Ellyes Skhiri alone on the six, Jonas Hector and Ondrej Duda behind striker Sebastian Andersson. Katterbach even has to move from the starting eleven in the first leg to the stands in the second leg.

4:50 p.m .: The FC line-up is here: T. Horn – Ehizibue, Bornauw, Czichos, J. Horn – Skhiri – Wolf, Hector, Duda, Kainz – Andersson

4.45 p.m .: In the first leg, FC had enough chances to get a good starting position for the second leg today. This prevented on the one hand the own inability in front of the goal, on the other hand referee Felix Zwayer.

4.35 p.m .: Due to the 1-0 defeat in the first leg, FC must score at least one goal today. With a 1-0 for FC after 90 minutes today it goes into overtime, with all other results per Cologne the relegation is certain. A draw or a success in Kiel would mean relegation for 1. FC Köln.

16.30 o’clock: 1. FC Köln is doomed to win in the relegation second leg today, otherwise the seventh relegation from the Bundesliga is threatened.

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