Three applications to relax and sleep soundly

Many of us sleep with the mobile in hand, carrying it on the bedside table or even with a video playing. Although it is true that this practice is not healthy for our night rest, we know how difficult it is to get rid of the mobile phone today.

That is why we present you three applications that will help you sleep better at night and get the most out of using your mobile at non-recommended hours. Better that than putting on an energetic YouTube video with 100% brightness, right?

Atmosphere – Relaxing Sounds and ASMR

Atmosphere is the perfect application to relax. It is free, it has no ads and it allows you to set a timer for the sounds, in addition to blocking the mobile while you listen to it; something that I personally find very annoying when using videos with relaxing sounds on YouTube.

In this case, you just have to choose the sounds that you like the most (there are more than 70 available) and create your favorite combination to sleep, meditate or combat insomnia. Atmosphere has environments for any taste:

According to Andy Mogensen, when closing their eyes to sleep, some astronauts see "bright flashes".
  • Playa
  • Forest
  • Town
  • Home
  • Submarine
  • Park
  • Countryside
  • Oriental

From bonfires and storms to the sounds of hair dryers or washing machines. Atmosphere is available in the Play Store Y App Store. In addition, it offers a premium version with more binaural sounds for about 4 euros.

My Oasis – Relaxing game

My Oasis is a game that helps you relax and sleep calmly. Without wasting time on gameplay and stressful content, provides a zen environment and a calm atmosphere specially built for stressed people, to get relief from said stress.

  • How does ‘My Oasis’ work?
This is what the 'Heads Up' feature will look like on Android devices.

In the game, you will collect hearts to collect various animals, such as foxes, deer, elephants, giraffes, penguins and whales, and complete your oasis. You are the builder of your own island, your own Zen space that will expand as you interact with the surrounding life in a relaxing and calm atmosphere. With this simple touch gameplay, stress relief and mind calming is achieved in seconds. Personally, I have tried it and I always have it installed for some moment of stress or anxiety and it has worked a lot for me.

My Oasis is a game focused on relaxation with very friendly graphics.
My Oasis is a game focused on relaxation and has very friendly graphics.
Play Store

My Oasis is available on the Play Store Y App Store for free; although you can also get more objects or advance on the island by paying with real money.

Sleep Monitor – Sleep cycle monitor

The second-generation Nest Hub incorporates a sleep monitoring feature.

Sleep Monitor for Android helps you track and record the details of the sleep cycle. Sleep Monitor has a Smart alarm clock to remind you to sleep early at night and gently wake you up in the morning. You may record your snoring, gnashing of teeth or know how you speak in dreams thanks to the application. In addition to offering you sleep tracking, it can also set you sleep habits, such as drinking water, brushing your teeth, or exercising. Also offers Relaxing music.

Sleep Monitor helps you to improve your sleep habits and to know if you snore or speak in dreams.
Sleep Monitor helps you to improve your sleep habits and to know if you snore or speak in dreams.
Play Store

Sleep Monitor is available for free at the Play StoreBut if you want to unlock all features and have no ads, you have the paid pro version.

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