This is how the restrictions by Communities remain this weekend

The decrease in infections due to Covid and the advance in vaccinations have allowed the autonomous communities to relax somewhat, for another week, the restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic, with the extension of hours of the hotel industry and the number of people in social gatherings.

These are the restrictions in the autonomous communities:

New measures against the pandemic in Spain.
Carlos Gamez


The Junta de Andalucía only maintains the perimeter closure and non-essential activity in the Sevillian towns of La Campana and Lora del Río because they exceed a thousand cases of Covid per 100,000 inhabitants.

In the hospitality industry, you can stay open until midnight, in general, a capacity of 75% is allowed indoors, and in commerce, 75% also on level two; 60% in 3 and 50% in 4.


In Aragon, the hotel business hours are maintained until 10:00 p.m., with a capacity of 30% inside the premises and four people per table, and 100% on the terraces.

In Teruel, which is located in a alert level 2, the hotel business is open until midnight and from this midnight the health area of ​​Sádaba (Zaragoza) and Jaca (Huesca) is distrusted.


In asturias there are currently no perimeter closures and the hotel business opens until 1 in the morning with a maximum of six people per table. It does not allow to consume in bars.

The capacity in shops of more than 300 square meters is located in the 70% of total capacity, the same limitation that businesses located in shopping centers and parks must meet.


Baleares It does not have a perimeter closure and there are no mobility restrictions between islands or municipalities, although their ports and airports maintain the common international health controls for all of Spain.

Spaniards who are fully immunized against Covid-19 already they do not have to present any proof to enter.

All residents and visitors to the islands must comply with the curfew between midnight and 6 a.m.. Meetings are limited to 6 am indoors and 8 am outside.

The hotel business in the Balearic Islands closes at 23.00 hours on the terraces and at 05.00 in the afternoon inside the premises.

Canary Islands

In the Canary Islands there is no perimeter closure or curfew However, a PCR or antigen test with a negative result performed within 72 hours is required for all travelers arriving on any island from another point of Spain or from third countries.

However, the Canarian Government has already announced that, starting next week, will make this measure more flexible and it will exempt those vaccinated or those who have already passed the Covid from the obligation to present tests.

All the islands are in the alert levels 1 (Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, Fuerteventura and El Hierro) and 2 (Tenerife, Lanzarote and La Graciosa), according to epidemiological indicators, which allow meetings of 10 and 6 people, respectively, at those levels.

The hotel business can open until midnight. Customers are only allowed inside bars and restaurants at alert levels 1 (green traffic light), with a capacity of 75%, and 2 (amber), with 50%. The capacity on the terraces is 75% and 10 diners per table on level 1 and six people on level 2.

The capacity in the trade is 50% at alert level 1 and 33% at 2


In Cantabria there is no time limit for the closure of the premises after the Superior Court of Justice of the Community has confirmed in a car of this same Friday the suspension of the closure of establishments that the Ministry of Health had set at 01.00.

In this community, 91 of the 102 municipalities are at low risk level and, therefore, a capacity of 50 percent is allowed inside the hotel business, with six people per table and ten on the terrace. In commerce it is 75%.

Only three municipalities present high risk levels (Corrales and Noja) or very high (Santa María de Cayón), which establishes the Covid traffic light, so that in them the interior hospitality is closed and the capacity on the terrace is 75 and 50%, respectively.

Castilla la Mancha

In Castilla La Mancha there is no perimeter closure no curfew. The capacity in the shops is 100%.

The hospitality establishments can remain open until 1 in the morning, with a maximum of 10 people per table. A capacity of 100% is allowed on the terraces and 75% inside.

Castile and Leon

Castile and Leon it has no perimeter closures or curfew, and has maintained the same restrictions for a week: The hotel industry can close at 1 (on the terraces) and 00.00 hours inside the premises. It does not admit clients an hour before those hours.

The capacity in the trade is 50% and it remains in a third in the shopping centers and establishments that integrate them.


Catalonia has relaxed this week the restrictions, which will remain in force until June 6, with the increase of up to 10 people in meetings and a new restaurant schedule that may open between 06.00 and midnight.

The capacity inside the bars and restaurants is 50% inside, with a maximum of six people per table, while on the terraces it is enough to ensure the safety distance of two meters. Bar consumption is allowed.

In the trade the capacity is 50%.

Madrid’s community

Madrid faces the weekend without restrictions on mobility in any of its 286 basic health zones, after the limitations that were in place in eleven areas were lifted.

The hotel business maintains its opening hours until twelve and the capacity is limited to 50% inside, with four people per table, and 75% outside, where up to six can meet. Forbidden to consume in bars.

However, the improvement in the data has led the regional government to announce, as of Monday, the flexibility of the measures, with the extension of the hospitality hours until 1, as well as the number of diners, which goes from 4 to 6 inside and from 6 to 8 on the terraces. The capacity will remain as it is until now.

Valencian Community

The Valencian Community launched new measures this week, which will be in force until June 7, including the extension of the schedule from the hospitality industry until 12:30 a.m., half an hour before curfew, which is held at 6:00 a.m.

Social gatherings are limited to 10 people both in public spaces and at home. The capacity in the hospitality industry is 50% indoors and 100% on the terraces. It is forbidden to consume in bars.

The capacity in the trade is 75%.


Extremadura maintains the low level of community transmission alert and only the towns of Arroyo de San Serván, Jerez de los Caballeros and Los Santos de Maimona have perimeter closure. The meetings limited to 10 people.

In this community, the hotel business can open until 01.00 a.m. with a capacity of 50%, inside the premises, and 85% on the terraces, with a maximum of six and 10 people per table, respectively. It is not allowed to consume in bars.

The capacity in the shops is 75%.


Galicia extends from this Saturday the meetings between non-cohabitants to six people in the interior already 10 outdoors. The hotel business can open until 01.00 a.m., except in municipalities with a maximum level of risk, where it is closed.

The capacity in the shops rises from 50 to 75% provided that a safety distance of one and a half meters can be maintained.

In this community, in which the majority of municipalities are located in a medium low risk situation, there is only perimeter closure and curfew from 23.00 hours in Mos (Pontevedra), A Pobra do Caramiñal (A Coruña) and Lobios (Ourense).

The Rioja

La Rioja does not have hourly restrictions in the hospitality industry in the alert level 2, which is where this community is maintained, as agreed by the Superior Court of Justice of this Community, which has also authorized the opening of nightlife at levels 1 (low) and 2 (medium). Consumption is allowed at the bar of bars.

In this community there are four municipalities that from this Saturday will be with a alert level 3, specifically Calahorra, Arnedo, Haro and Fuenmayor, and in which a capacity of 50% is authorized inside the hotel business, which must close at 00.00.


In Murcia no perimeter closures or curfew, although there is a nocturnal limitation between midnight and six in the morning in non-essential activities.

In the hospitality industry they can meet as maximum six people not living together both inside and outside the premises.


Navarra makes the measures more flexible from this Friday with the expansion of the capacity of cultural shows to 60% and its closing limit until 11pm.

This same schedule will apply to the interior of the hospitality industry, which may have a 100% capacity on the terraces and in the interiors you have two options: 30%, as a general criterion, or 100% with a responsible statement with a series of commitments.

It is recommended to limit the number of people in meetings to eight.

Basque Country

In Euskadi no change in current restrictions is foreseen until next Monday, May 31.

The capacity in the hospitality industry, which has to close at 10 p.m., is from 50% indoors and each table can seat a maximum of four people. It is still forbidden to consume in the bar or standing.


Ceuta makes its measurements more flexible from this Friday and allows bars and restaurants close half an hour later, that is to say, at 12:30 a.m., and on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of holidays they will be able to attend the public until one in the morning.

The maximum capacity inside the catering establishments is also increased to 50% and to 100% on the terraces, which was currently 75%. Meetings can be up to 10 people on terraces and six indoors.

Merchants may not stay open after 10 pm.


Melilla faces its last weekend with the Public Health order currently in force: no curfew, perimeter confinement or restrictions on meetings, but with the hotel industry and the rest of the non-essential activities limited from the 06.00 to 00.00.

Only home catering You can continue until 01.00 a.m., according to the published order, which also establishes a general rule of capacity of one third inside, provided that a distance of 1.5 meters can be respected between the sets of tables and chairs, and outside it is possible to reach 100%.


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