Essen: CDU Bundestag candidate receives dubious "AfD offer" - the district executive knows nothing about it

Essen: CDU Bundestag candidate receives dubious “AfD offer” – the district executive knows nothing about it

May 28, 2021 at 1:45 p.m.

The rapid rise of the AfD

The rapid rise of the AfD

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has existed since 2013. The right-wing populist party has seen rapid growth since it was founded.

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On Wednesday, the CDU Bundestag candidate Florian Fuchs made out Essen dubious messages publicly received through Facebook.

In these, the 35-year-old politician is made Essen offered to join the AfD in order to make a career there faster.

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Essen: CDU Bundestag candidate Florian Fuchs receives dubious “AfD offer” – he should change parties

At the request of, Fuchs explains that the Facebook messages come from a woman who was previously unknown to him and who had previously sent him a friend request.

In the news, she doesn’t hesitate for long, as can be read on the screenshots that Fuchs posted on Twitter. Immediately after the greeting she falls with the door in the house: “I wanted to ask you whether you would like to change the party, are still looking for some good people at the AfD.”

CDU politician from Essen should join the AfD: “The main thing is career”

When Fuchs, who is also a CDU councilor, directly declines this request (“Definitely not!”), She continues to try to woo him: “What a shame. Would fit in, just get in touch if you don’t feel like joining the CDU anymore. ”Fuchs replies that he“ doesn’t fit in any way ”with the AfD, and the woman replies:“ It doesn’t matter, the main thing is career. Have much better chances of advancing, etc. “

The CDU politician is irritated by the strange contact. The lawyer wonders whether this is a new attempt by the AfD to win members.

Questionable poaching attempt: does he really come from the ranks of the AfD?

His post received some attention on Twitter. The Essen CDU member of the Bundestag Matthias Hauer also shared the screenshots, with the comment: “AfD member recruitment: #Main matter career. That explains a lot. #noAfD “.

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Essen’s AfD boss is attempting to recruit

However, the obscure attempt at poaching is dubious, as it has since emerged. Compared to, AfD district spokesman Günter Weiß explained that the process was “completely unknown” to him. Someone must have acted “of their own free will”.

In any case, it is practically impossible to secure a mandate with an AfD ticket as a career changer. “The person is not familiar with the customs of the AfD,” said Weiß, who is also a councilor in Essen.


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