Bob, long bob, pixie ... haircuts that rejuvenate your 60s (and before)

There are haircuts that rejuvenate, already have 40, 50 the 60. It is not that there are years left on the DNI, nor that they remove candles from the birthday cake, but its effect on appearance is almost so magical, or sometimes more than that of un lifting, a radiofrequency treatment or use a very good anti-aging cream -and with constancy-.

Because a good haircut, and the right hairstyle can do real miracles. And just as there are cuts that add volume to fine hair as if by art of birlibirloque, others have an effect similar to drinking in the fountain of eternal youth.

For years, to arrive at 30, 0 40, and cut your hair ‘to the boy’ was all one: think of your mothers and grandmothers, according to your age, and you will remember that few long manes they wore from a certain moment. Of my grandmothers and aunts, only one of my grandmothers carried a long white ponytail until well into the 70s -of course, I never saw her either with a skirt, He was only wearing pants. At ‘seventy-odd’ he cut his hair and made himself un pixie ideal, none of those carded cuts, who did nothing but confirm its rebellious aesthetic.

The reason that there was an age to cut your hair has a structural and practical part: “Over the years the hair changes, it tends to be finer and we usually have less quantity “, Explain Rachel Saiz from Saln Blue by Raquel Saiz in Torrelavega (Cantabria). And the shorter, then less ‘heavy’, the hair looks with ms volumen.

But there was also a part sociocultural after the fact of putting the scissors reached a point in life. Today, and “thanks to beauty canons and stereotypes have evolved, a woman over 50 years of age does not have to resort to classic short hair or dye it blonde to look younger “, seala Jess Tornero, creative director of Blow Dry Bar in Madrid. “The beauty of each riside in staying true to your style and essence and adapt the look over the years without losing personality “, the hairdresser ponders.

So, forget Carolina Herrera, women over 30 I know they can wear long hair … or short, or medium, or however you see fit.

Having clarified this, I know that there are looks that refresh the look and give a more youthful appearance. Let’s see.

The bob cut, an extra energy and volume

Cate Blanchett (52) with wavy bob.

What the bob -in its straight version, also known as carr- is a wild cut at any age, it seems that it has already been clear to us. But, starting at 50, you have a rejuvenating extra.

“With a bob we give more energy and volume; It is very modern, it updates us and hence it rejuvenates us. And if we need to give it a bit of body, we can resort to layers “, details Raquel Saiz.

For Jess Tornero, Cate Blanchett’s bob (52) “is ideal to have a sophisticated look: remains years and at the same time it can be a very carefree and youthful if you comb your hair with soft waves “.

In short: the pixie, better disheveled

“Another of the cuts that brings freshness and, in addition, hides the lack of density, is he pixie”, Raquel Saiz declares without hesitation.

Can be carried with short or very long bangs -the length gives a lot of play, Sharon Stone (63) takes advantage of its versatility to comb it backwards, or forwards, with a more 90s roll …-, and admits multiple hairstyles.

And the hairdresser adds a trick: “If we give the pixie a tousled effect not only will we have a vital look, we will also make it appear that the hair is not scarce or that it is fine. “

Jess Tornero adds, among the advantages of the pixie, that he ‘personifies’ in the already historic Halle Berry (54), that it looks just as good with color or with the gray hair seen, if so desired.

The long bob and XXL lengths: perfect from 50’s … if worn like this

Haircuts that rejuvenate at 60 Julia Roberts' long bob.
The long bob of Julia Roberts (53).

There are also options for medium cuts, for those who do not want to “lose the essence of long hair “, as Tornero points out. As the long bob de Julia Roberts (53), which “lightens the length layered for movement and a more youthful appearance. “

And … it can be carried an XXL mane? “There is Demi Moore’s (62), always with an impeccable shine and a considerable length, ideal for take it extra smooth or slightly wavy “, defends the hairdresser.

Haircuts that rejuvenate at 60: Demi Moore with XXL mane.
Demi Moore (62) con melena XXL.

Waves and curls, allies against the passage of time

If we move away from cuts in themselves and delve into how to comb our hair after a certain age so as not to throw ourselves over, but quite the opposite, Raquel Saiz advocates for waves and curls.

“The waves remind us of a young mane. If you have curls, exploit them, even in long hair “, encourages the hairdresser.

And, “if you have straight hair, creating straight or undone waves will guarantee you a trendy look, while creating volume, one of the signs of hair vitality,” says the expert.

Those who doubt whether curls and length, along with gray hair, are a cocktail that can age, take a look at Andie MacDowell’s hair (63) and judge for themselves.

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