Madrid dresses in urban art to attract young collectors

After Estampa comes Urvanity Art, the second contemporary art fair that is held in person at the Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM), a 2,000-square-meter building that already houses 28 galleries. Managing the public in shifts has been the great challenge this year, says Sergio Ochoa, director of Urvanity: “This is the most national edition, since 70% of the galleries were previously international. There is a much more avant-garde and young art. In this sense, a new market is being created that was not there five years ago when we started ”. From this Thursday to Sunday, attendees will be able to enjoy the artistic expressions that emerged in urban contexts from the seventies onwards, such as post-graffiti, surrealist pop or the new pop art.

One of Eugenio Recuenco’s photographs in Urvanity Art.

Several people from Madrid exhibit in this unique space. The prolific abstract painter Kike Garcinuño exhibits new work inevitably marked by the uncertainty and anxiety of the crisis caused by the coronavirus. “There are small accents of this brutal situation, the pandemic has left us in shock post-traumatic and each one solves it as best they can. I have the blessed luck of solving it by painting and that is why I bring those ups and downs: paintings with lack of air and paintings in which we can hug each other and breathe inside ”, explains this artist, who began with 13 years with graffiti, and who misses unless it is explained to people that when painting an abstract painting, one must think about harmony, weights and the reading of the image. “There is almost nothing random,” he clarifies.

He donated one of his works to the Palestinian cause and both Manu Chao and Fermin Muguruza joined the condemnation and signed the painting. “I defend social justice and equality. I will be in the fight of everything that has to do with the repressed, with the hungry. Living in society implies having a political stance, although I have never believed in slogans or in tattooing acronyms “, says this passionate about Madrid, a city that he considers” a source of energy and dreams that surrounds the madness of friends. “

One of the paintings by the abstract painter Kike Garcinuño.
One of the paintings by the abstract painter Kike Garcinuño.

For her part, one of the greatest representatives of staged photography, Rosa Muñoz, has a new project called Intermediate geometries, a symbiosis between photography and painting of semi-abandoned and recondite places that function as artistic sanctuaries, and that remains faithful to the common denominator of his work: the passage of time and the footprint that the human being leaves.

He believes that men’s works are more economically revalued than women’s. “But we have raised our voices. There will come a time when there will be a certain parallelism in both sexes. Although I have not noticed that gap either, because before we were very few photographers and we had visibility precisely because of that ”, declares this Madrilenian from Tetuán, who began with only 16 years with her first snapshots of Tierno Galván in the extinct newspaper Villa of Madrid.

One of the photographs of the artist Rosa Muñoz.
One of the photographs of the artist Rosa Muñoz.

The National ABC Photography Award, Eugenio Recuenco, presents a small part of Arabian Nights, a project that started when her daughter was born. This filmmaker wanted to know the world that she was discovering and the fears she faced. The fact of telling stories made him become fond of children’s illustration and hence a more colorful and innocent point is appreciated at this time. “There are also allusions to the cinema and they are night photos that try to work on a large format with many icons of the 20th century, but in a very pictorial way. I am interested that when you get closer you see the pixel, because we are in a fight against it and it seems that it is not valid. I’m trying to understand it and get the aesthetic potential it can have ”, says this artist, who lives in the center of the capital and who says he tries to look at the city with the eyes of a tourist. “Madrid is one of the places that has advanced the most in the last 15 years in modernity, but with its own identity, without following canons taken from Paris and elsewhere.”

Badr El_Jundi Gallery, Wendy White, 'GoodYear'.
Badr El_Jundi Gallery, Wendy White, ‘GoodYear’.

With a concentrated public between 25 and 50 years old, this contemporary fair approaches a younger profile that begins to collect their first works, especially thanks to Urvanity Lab, an initiative that is presented as “close, democratic and suitable for all tastes and pockets ”, with a collection of limited edition works of art signed by some essential artists from the New Contemporary Art scene such as Boa Mistura, Rorro Berjano or Add Fuel.

When: from May 27 to 30. Where: Official College of Architects of Madrid (COAM). Calle de Hortaleza, 63. Price: 15 euros

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