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The black bracelet found by Lucie on the camp and recovered by Maxine during the pair council.

TELEVISION – “Koh-Lanta: The Secret Weapons” is coming to an end. The first part of the final takes place this Friday, May 28 on TF1. The five finalists Arnaud, Jonathan, Lucie, Maxine and Laure will face the formidable orientation test and only three of them will reach the mythical posts on June 4th. An electric finale which concludes an adventure rich in twists and turns, marked by the appearance of secret weapons.

Five in number: the talisman (used alone protects its holder, used at the same time as another adventurer gives a double vote), quits or doubles (provokes another candidate to a duel during the council), the secret ambassador ( a third ambassador), the hijacking of the vote (steals the voice of an adventurer) and the black bracelet (cancels the power of the immunity collar), their mission was to make any tactics on the camp unpredictable.

“After the novelties of the last two seasons, this time we focused on the strategic part. It was necessary to surprise the candidates without distorting the game ”, explains Julien Magne, producer of the show, at HuffPost.

And the least we can say is that the goal has been achieved. Indeed, all the secret weapons were unearthed by the adventurers, and had a decisive role to play during certain councils. For example, they punctuated the course of Magali, saved by the quits or double at the very beginning of the adventure and eliminated by the diversion of the vote at the gates of the final.

But it’s obviously impossible to imagine this kind of strategic upheaval in the game without the slightest controversy. During the pairing episode of May 7, a pivotal moment in the adventure, Laetitia and Vincent, two ex-yellows, find themselves together.

“You can’t find a secret weapon only when you are threatened”

In great danger because of their old color and the configuration of the other pairs, the duo find an instant immunity collar (to be played during the following advice). But surprise, Lucie gets her hands on the black bracelet, the most powerful weapon in the game, a kind of kryptonite from an immunity necklace that has been the show’s symbol for ten years. Desiring to save Maxine, she therefore condemns the pair of ex-yellow, to the chagrin of the public, of which Vincent was the darling.

A spectacular turnaround whose shock wave literally ignited social networks. Pre-established scenario, cheating, favoritism, the public was very virulent vis-à-vis ALP, the production company of “Koh-Lanta”, forcing Denis Brogniart in particular to calm things down.

“I think that the viewers would not have reacted in this way if Vincent had not been collateral damage”, confides Julien Magne. And to add: “Is there favoritism? Obviously not. You do not find secret weapons or necklaces of immunity only when you are threatened, but if you give yourself the means to do so. And then, those who found them did not necessarily use them directly ”.

Indeed, it often happens in “Koh-Lanta” that certain candidates find advantages which they use only later or not at all. This season, Vincent had notably unearthed a talisman that he had ceded to Thomas during the first reunification council.

Towards a return of secret weapons for the coming seasons?

But the most striking example in the history of the game is probably that of Patrick, who will also be back for the 20 years of the show. In 2012, during the special edition “La Revanche des Héros”, the strategist from the Loire ended the adventure with two immunity necklaces in his possession, which he had not played during the adventure.

Is this controversy about the black bracelet a sign that the transplant of secret weapons has not caught up with the public? Negative according to Julien Magne: “The power of the black bracelet was perhaps too important for some people. But secret weapons in general have attracted viewers. The record is good ”.

From there to repeat the experience? “It’s a possibility,” replies the producer. He continues: ”Like the immunity collar or the black vote, secret weapons feed this adventure without swallowing it up. This was the challenge for us ”.

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