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Get the tissues ready, buddy

Friends: The Reunion, on HBO

Friends: The Reunion

[Ojo, Spoilers] Is to see David Schwimmer pacing the empty set of Friends and get hold of the box of XXL tissue that we had reserved for the occasion. “A lot of episodes come to mind,” says the actor holding back tears at the beginning of the exciting reunion. Friends: The Reunion. “Have you also cried?” He asks Courteney Cox arriving on set. Matt LeBlanc wipes her tears while Jennifer Aniston Y Matthew Perry they join the group. 17 years have passed since one of our favorite series put the final closure and reuniting with its protagonists causes joy –because the series was always happy, above all, long live the 90s! – and sorrows –madlito time flies-.

Even if it is a documentary, Friends: The Reunion remains very true to the tone and humor of the series. There are almost two hours of footage but, among anecdotes, curiosities, special guests –Justin Bieber potato has won us – and memories of its protagonists, fly by leaving us enchanted. Seeing its protagonists together, it is easy to perceive the chemistry and friendship that united them outside the cameras as well – except for Matthew Perry, whose attitude in the reunion is quite indecipherable – until that moment (SPOILER] in which Jennifer Aniston Y David Schwimmer make any fan’s dream come true Friends worth it.

The viewing of Friends: The Reunion It is like rediscovering that best friend that you haven’t seen for centuries but with whom time seems to never pass. You want to rewatch the episodes from the first to the tenth season, to laugh again with all their jokes. But, when the reunion ends, you also have the bitter taste of what was lost, of those decades (pre-crisis of 2008, pre-ndemic) in which everything was so easy, in which we were so happy.

Goose bumps will give you!

Cruella, on Disney + [Premium]


I’ve been humming non-stop for a few weeks the great song of 101 dalmatians Cruella de Vil. I saw her again to write the review of Cruella and I liked it much more now; As a child, she did not appreciate the beautiful animation and must have found something gruesome about kidnapping some puppies to tear off their skin. Relax, this luck of spin off of the villain star of 101 dalmatians It is for all audiences, perhaps more for the little ones than for the grown-ups.

The skins are synthetic in Cruella, although the gesture is appreciated antiwoke to make a joke about it. That punk attitude also extends to the film’s soundtrack, which parents will especially enjoy: She´s a Rainbow, of the Rolling Stones, Time of the Season, from The Zombies, O Hush, from Deep Purple, To name just a few of the songs that one listens to, shaking his hips and calculating the number of zeros of the budget that went to that department.

Cruella is the origin story of this fashionista villain, her tough childhood and her empowerment in the world of fashion. Less adult and raw than Joker, more of plot and less of studying its main character, Cruella it is equated with that by its subtext that is no longer “rich against poor” but “workers versus bosses who take the credit”. That is if we get fine because there is the option to put this reading aside and simply enjoy the interpretive duel of Emma Stone (Cruella) and her evil boss played by Emma Thompson.

The brutal crime of Laëtitia Perrais

Laëtitia or the end of men, on Of the movie

Laëtitia or the end of men
Laëtitia or the end of men
Of the movie

“Laëtitia Perrais She was abducted on the night of January 18-19, 2011. She was an eighteen-year-old waitress, domiciled in Pornic, in the French department of Loire-Atlantique. She led an ordinary life in the foster family to which she had been assigned with her twin sister. The murderer was arrested after two days, but until the body of the young woman was found, several weeks passed ”. so it begins Laëtitia or the end of men, from Ivan Jablonka. And sadly it is not a novel but a non-fiction book.

This week Of the movie has exclusively premiered the series that adapts this book, directed by Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (The Life of Manon, The Staircase) in which he recreates the brutal femicide that overwhelmed France in 2011. Far from being a true crime to use, Laëtitia or the end of men recalls the effective police investigation carried out to find the murderer while investigating the failings of French society behind the brutal crime.

A story of revenge … literary

Nocturnal animals, on Netflix

Nocturnal animals
Nocturnal animals

One of my favorite movies of recent years. And I also love the novel it is inspired by, Tony and Susan, from Austin Wright. I know he has his detractors but I really like how he directs Tom Ford And this seems to me the best movie about the metaphorical power of art and about the dire consequences of not believing in your partner.

Amy Adams is Susan, a successful art gallery owner who receives the manuscript of the novel written by her first husband. Two plots overlap in Susan’s head. On the one hand, the novel he reads and imagines starring Jake Gyllenhaal, tells the story of a man who travels through the United States with his family in a car when they are robbed and attacked by a gang of criminals.

Interspersed in this story, Susan’s memories inform us of her love affair with Tony: her reunion in New York, her brief marriage, her creative frustrations, and her failure as a couple, until at some point we understand that the novel is a form subtle revenge and a metaphor for what Tony felt after the end of his relationship with Susan.

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