Ebay classifieds: Woman sells curtains - this answer amazes her

Ebay classifieds: Woman sells curtains – this answer amazes her

Ebay classifieds: Unexpected experience of a saleswoman on Ebay classifieds! She received a special message. (Symbol image)

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Unexpected experience from a saleswoman Ebay classifieds!

From a customer who Ebay classifieds After buying curtains, the saleswoman received a very special message.

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Ebay classifieds: woman gets unexpected news

The perfect curtain found, the price is right. Informed the seller of the shipping address – and the chic lengths of fabric are already on their way to their future home by post. Up to this point a very common activity on Ebay classifieds.

But the saleswoman means it especially with her customer and their new curtains. “I packed everything as carefully as possible so that it didn’t wrinkle too much,” she wrote after sending it. A photo of the chat between the customer and the saleswoman was posted by “Bestofkleinangebote1” on Instagram.

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+++ Ebay classifieds: customer gets strange message when he sends his address to seller +++

A special service that you rarely get. However, this is followed by an even more special action by the customer.


This is Ebay classifieds:

  • was founded in 2005 under the name Kijiji
  • In 2009 the portal changed its name to Ebay Classifieds
  • It is a regional advertising market
  • the portal is financed through integrated advertising and income from advertisements


Because she is almost enthusiastic about her classifieds find. “I’m so happy with the curtains and they fit perfectly,” she replies to the message. And: “I just transferred another ten euros to you because I somehow thought that they were worth it. So, thank you again! “

+++ Ebay classifieds: “Finally buy the sh *** shelf!” – Seller loses his nerve +++

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Ebay classifieds: Many users cannot believe this message

An incredibly nice gesture that fans of “Best of Ebay Classifieds” can hardly believe:

  • “Which parallel universe is that from?”
  • “Lie, that never happens!”
  • “Have to turn my top for a moment, something is wrong here.”
  • “Very nice that something like this is published here. That gives me a nicer feeling towards the world. “


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But at least some Ebay classifieds users can understand the friendly gesture: “I’ve done it before. If you are wondering here, you should rethink your life … “

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