When Sánchez rejected the pardon, he promised to bring Puigdemont and that the illegal referendum would be a crime

Just a year and a half ago Pedro Sanchez it was not the same. He rejected pardons to the politicians condemned by the process separatist from Catalonia, promised “solemnly” that would bring Carles Puigdemont back to be “tried in Spain”, he announced a new law for “end the manipulation of TV3” and even asked for the vote to be able to recover “the crime of illegal referendum”, the one who eliminated his socialist predecessor, Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, and made possible the 1-O.

All this was offered by Sánchez in the last week of the electoral campaign of the 10-N elections. And more specifically, in the debate on November 5, 2019. At the same time, he denied that he had agreed or was going to agree “with the independentistas” and pouted imagining “unable to sleep” in case of having to appoint Pablo Iglesias vice president of your Government.

The newspaper library has betrayed the Prime Minister and, on the day that the Supreme Court issued its opinion contrary to the granting of pardons, everyone in Congress – politicians and journalists – has rushed to take positions. The first, for put Sánchez in the face of skipping it -Your partners- or abide by it -the opposition-. And the second, the guys from the press, taking for granted that the text of the High Court was a “devastating” blow to their thesis.

When Sánchez did not defend pardons

So what his thesis in theory they are not publicly posted. But since Moncloa has been preparing the ground for more than a week to “naturalize” the pardon of the Catalan politicians who carried out the 2017 coup, the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, opened the morning in the control session -before the report of the sentencing court of Oriol Junqueras and company- reminding the president of his contradictions.

From this Monday, for Sánchez, looking to the future is “embracing constitutional values.” And that is synonymous with “concord, reunion and coexistence”. And yet ask for the “full compliance with sentences” it is to be “vindictive and revengeful” … that is, to look back and “not learn from mistakes”.

Live or delayed

The thesis implies that it was a mistake to support the Popular Party, then in the Government, in the application of article 155 of the Constitution to intervene the Generalitat and depose Carles Puigdemont. And yet, the thesis also requires Casado to “side with the Government today as the PSOE did then.”

That contradiction is no longer delayed, between the Sánchez of a year and a half ago and that of now. Otherwise a live self-refutation, hidden between attacks and reproaches:

“It is not me to whom they made an illegal referendum”Sánchez snapped at Casado. No, it did not go to him, but he supported the government that had to face it. “It is not me who Puigdemont escaped”. Neither, but today he negotiates with the lawyer who helped him flee – despite the fact that he reproached Pablo Iglesias a year and a half ago – and plans to reform the crime of sedition so that the fled former identity also benefits from “looking forward to reunion”.

Because they no longer want to bring him to Spain to judge him, but the “anachronism of certain criminal figures” is highlighted in our Penal Code “according to the law compared to the countries around us.” The “integral” reform of the text no longer points to the recovery of the referendum crime, but works within the Ministry of Justice to dilute the sedition.

At the exit of the control session, sources close to Casado opened their eyes very strongly in the courtyard of Congress before the spectacle that the president of the PP and that of the Government had given. Both claim to defend the Constitution, but the truth is that the popular could be labeled an immobilist… that is, he has not changed his mind. Y the socialist could be reproached for opportunism… now that he needs the independentistas to continue governing.

Those with whom he was not going to agree.


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