Rocío Carrasco remembers her suicide attempt: "I did not want to see hatred in my daughter again"

This Wednesday, Telecinco issued the last chapter of Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive. After an emotional introduction by Carlota Corredera, the installment began in which the protagonist herself explained one of the most controversial episodes that have aroused throughout these months: her autolytic attempt.

Earlier, Carrasco explained that the documentary is called Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive, because I needed to tell the truth of 20 years: “even though it costs me my life, I need to take off the weight of a backpack and start living. That title comes from an event that happens to me on August 5, 2019“, started.

And, that was the day he tried to kill himself. This was determined by previous events and by the mental state to which they had led Carrasco. Shortly before, Rocío Jurado’s daughter had learned that her daughter would go to the sets to defend the step of her father, Antonio David Flores, for Big Brother Vip.

At that time, Carrasco wore in tpsychiatric and psychological treatment since 2011, with a fairly strong diagnosis and treatment according to professionals such as the cabinet attached to the court of violence against women.

As usual, Carrasco provided the documentation that accredited his words, and in it, it was possible to read the diagnosis of chronic anxiety depressive syndrome in the time. In addition, he said that the mere fact of going out into the street supposed a huge effort, and he did not want “to have anything to do with anything or anyone.”

For Carrasco, the idea that Antonio David would enter Big Brother It meant repeating the previous 20 years, with an aggravating circumstance: the presence of Rocío Flores on sets showing her face for her father, when he hadn’t seen her since the day he beat her up. “I had not seen my daughter since July 27, 2012, seven years old. I was not prepared to see her defend her father. It was clear to him that he did not want to see what was coming. I didn’t want to feel fear, or ashamed, or questioned again, “she explained.

“I did not want to see hatred in my daughter again, or feel like a bad mother, or be reminded that I have lost the two most important things in my life”

“On August 5, I decided that I did not want to continue living, that I could not, that it was beyond my strength, that I did not want to return, that I had already done everything possible to make that stop and I had put it in the hands of those I thought necessary … I did not ask for anything, only that he should not continue mistreating me and I see that this is not the case, that it does not come … that it will be repeated. I knew what was coming and I was not wrong, “he said bitterly, referring to the continuous attacks by Antonio David Flores from the program.

“I took several pills, I fell asleep and Fidel found me, who took me to the hospital. I don’t remember anything, I know I said I couldn’t handle what the father of my children was doing with me. At first I said I didn’t care. have achieved it because I was going to achieve it, and I would always have the bridge of Segovia to throw myself“.

“From there they admit me to another specialized hospital with a plant for that. There, when I became aware of the atrocity I had done … it was a sovereign whore for mine, but at that moment you don’t think of anything or anyone. I did not want to see hatred in my daughter again, or feel like a bad mother, or feel that I have lost the two most important things in my life, “she concluded sadly.


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