Rio says political stability is not what he likes best and accuses Costa of taking zig-zag measures

The president of the PSD admitted on Wednesday that the current political stability is not the one he likes best and accused the prime minister of taking political measures to the zigzag.

Political stability may not be the one I like the most, it is not very strong, but it is even better. Stability and coherence of the policies followed, that is where the zigzags are. Now negotiate like this, now negotiate roast, now threaten the Left Bloc, now the PCP flees “, said Rui Rio in the closing speech of the MEL – Europe and Freedom Movement Convention.

In a speech mostly dedicated to the country’s economy, Rui Rio said that António Costa closed the deficit by deceiving his partners, Bloco de Esquerda and PCP, “through something called captivations”.

He mentioned that the country has “economic and political bottlenecks” and that the beginning of “bads” started before the Troika, mainly during socialist governments. For this reason, it is necessary to change, but this change will not be made by the PS.

We have to do it differently. The PS does not and this is evident to us, it is proven. In the 21st century, the PS governed twice as much time as the others all together, 14 years, and which others are they? The PSD to a large extent, a little bit the CDS, and to another party called Troika “.

“If it was a congress of rights I would not be able to enter, I would have been barred”

At the beginning of the closing speech of the MEL Convention, Rio began by explaining why it was there since, from the perspective of the social democrat, the PSD is not a right-wing party.

I had not yet entered the room, I looked at the screen and calm down because I did not say the right-wing congress there. If I said I couldn’t get in, I probably would have been stopped right at the entrance ”, started by saying.

He then clarified that “the PSD is not a right-wing party” and that when it was founded in 1974, “it was not only from the center, but was markedly from the center left”. He argued that if the concepts of right and left are not as rigid today as they were in the past, “There are still some things that distinguish them”.

Therefore, Rui Rio agreed to participate in this convention to answer the question: “Which way should Portugal go?”.


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