Felipe González, in 'El Hormiguero': "In Spain politics is terribly underpaid"

Felipe González’s first visit to The anthill did not leave anyone indifferent. Pablo Motos gave him the entire time of the program this Wednesday so that the former president could answer all the presenter’s questions.

After addressing the theme of the day, the granting of pardons to those convicted of the process, of which he was not in favor: “Under these conditions, I would not give them a pardon”, stated González; and show your disenchantment with your party and current politics: “I feel like an orphan of representation, but I’m not just referring to the PSOE”; they went on to comment on other current affairs.

“Can the low quality of the leaders of the political class be attributed to the primaries?” Motos asked him. The former president replied that “I don’t know, If you want to dedicate yourself to politics as a public service, the first thing you have to know is that whoever believes that he only serves to be a deputy or mayor probably does not serve for that either.“.

“What I am going to say will be a scandal, but in Spain politics is terribly underpaid”, assured the guest, while the presenter added: “I think the same.” González justified his statement: “Compared to any country, it is not serious.”

Motos commented that “if it is poorly paid, it is difficult for the best to go …”, but the former president replied: “Not because you do not go for what they pay you. If you are in public service and you compare it with a person who has the same obligation in the private sector, you would earn much more. Nobody accepts public service for what they pay“.

There was also a question about his relationship with Pedro Sánchez, current Prime Minister, and when was the last time they spoke: “It was in the formation of the last government on two occasions when there was communication, but not direct“.

Motos insisted and wanted to know if, during the pandemic, he had called him for advice: “No and I don’t think it’s necessary. I learned that I don’t want to interfere, I do not call, I am available, but I will not sell my opinion to anyone or influence, philosophers call it meaningful personal autonomy, “replied González.

The former president also spoke of the past elections in the Community of Madrid: “We will see what happens with these two years, but I voted -by mail- for Gabilondo as soon as I finished watching the first debate“.

At the beginning the trend of all the opinion analyzes was very clearThat the difference in votes of the right in general and the left in general was many points, therefore, everyone knew it. There is no worse blindness than voluntary“he commented.

Memories of Margaret Thatcher, Gorvachev, Bush …

The Valencian looked back and remembered that “you coincided with the most distinguished of the leaders of the second half of the 20th century: What was it like to handle yourself there? “. González acknowledged that “it was a time of very important global change”.

“Who was the best friend of Spain from the leaders you met?” Motos wanted to know. “Those who helped us the most to join Europe were the Germans, no doubt. “But he also stressed that”Gorvachev was and is an endearing guy and we had a very good relationship. He was very loved in the world and little loved in Russia. “

And he concluded by recalling that “I saw Margaret Thatcher laugh out loud with me, I told her she was beautiful and her bag was falling … We most cordially disagreed, but he had enormous respect for me“.


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