The timely diagnosis from multiple sclerosis brings new hopes to the patients who suffer from it and therefore it is essential early detection of the disease, an expert told EFE.

“It is a disease without a cure, but today there are treatments that can stop the progression and open new perspectives to those who suffer from it”, explained Brenda Bertado, coordinator of the Multiple Sclerosis Clinic at the Siglo XXI National Medical Center, on the occasion of World Multiple Sclerosis Day, which is commemorated on May 30.

The disease “of the thousand guys“, as it is known due to its heterogeneous symptoms, it is autoimmune Y neurodegenerative, I know manifests especially between 20 Y 40 years and it affects them more than them: three out of every four patients are women.

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This isneurological disease chronicle is genera in the nervous system central, affecting al brain and the spinal cord.

Due to the diversity from symptom, the diagnosis from multiple sclerosis it takes until 6 years, because the patient goes through various specialists “they go to the general practitioner, with an orthopedist, with an ophthalmologist until they reach a neurologist,” said the expert.

It is condition affects a 2.5 million from people In the world and in Mexico, an estimated 20,000 people are diagnosed, but because it is not a frequent disease, its magnitude and impact may be greater.

Being an eneurodegenerative disease is considered the second cause from disability between whats young, only behind traffic accidents,

“Although there are symptoms that are very visible, there is still a lack of education in patients to go to the doctor when they suspect something,” said Bertado.

In addition, he said, another challenge is the urgency of sensitizing general practitioners and internists about the need to direct patients who present any symptoms to a specialist in neurology.


Bertado stressed that thanks to innovation current in Medical treatments it’s possible to make a toast top options and that more and more patients who lead a normal life.

These treatments the help To make activities the wayto independent, to develop fully and can have a full professional and personal life.

In the same way, he asserted that the adherence al treatment and have a dialogue permanent with him doctor for a correct tracing of the illness.

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He pointed out that therapies they can to help a stopr el course of suffering and that the patients preserve your quality of lifeHowever, early detection and diagnosis, as well as individualized medical treatment, are important for this to happen.

“It requires a multidisciplinary team, since the disease affects many aspects of life and each case is different,” he said.

Finally, he clarified that patients with this disease have had Doubts according to the vaccination against covid-19. However, he said, vaccine is safe ”.

“None of the approved covid-19 vaccines can cause any harm or progress in terms of the disease,” he concluded.

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