Pimp your ice cream and don't look back

Ice creams are for the summer … or not? That creamy invention that was born as a combination of dairy, eggs and an extra added flavor in the form of vanilla, chocolate or fruit -among many other things-, shakes while the whole is frozen, can give us a lot of play if we accompany it with other preparations or garnish it with other interesting ingredients. Here are several ideas to raise a simple ice cream to another level, which with them can do much more than put a couple of solitary balls in a bowl. No problem.

As an accompaniment to other sweets

Using ice cream to accompany a cake is something that we can import from the American continent; Americans are very fond of putting a scoop of vanilla ice cream, among other flavors, on top of succulent tartcakes that are still warm so that the ice cream melts slightly. A good apple pie combines perfectly with the flavor of vanilla, some red fruits or even a nougat ice cream, and add an ice cream to a brownie is another must-see classic.

Another sweet to which an ice cream is a movie companion is a waffle or some American pancakes, if they are homemade, better than better. Do not wrinkle your nose, both things are made without an oven and are much easier than you think. Add a good glob of homemade whipped cream, a grain of almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts, fresh fruits such as raspberries or blueberries, or caramelised such as diced apple or banana and passed through the pan with a little butter and you will have a delicious dessert perfectly set for the summer.

In smoothie

Another great idea to use an ice cream and that when the heat hits you may want more than eating something solid is to prepare a refreshing shake. Even with those remains of ice cream tubs that are left in the freezer, do not make the longuis (ah, you never have ice cream left over …). Write down the recipe for a good shake: mix a couple of scoops of vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream – I think the more classic flavors are better, but this is very personal, there are those who are very much in favor of nougat ice cream for those purposes- With a glass of milk, some fruit that gives it body like banana or peach, or that lightens it like melon or watermelon, depending on the result you are looking for. Shake thoroughly and you will have a delicious and refreshing drink that you can top with chopped strawberries, nuts such as pistachios, almonds or cashews and a little cocoa powder or grated chocolate to top it off. If you like strawberry, try whipping a strawberry ice cream with milk and fresh strawberries: it is suitable for children and adults.

In sandwich

A good ice cream with a basic flavor like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry is perfect in a sandwich: simply put a scoop of ice cream between two round cookies, crush and roll the sandwich for chocolate fideitos or almond grains. If you want to make homemade cookies, to curl the curl, here is a simple recipe for cookies with chocolate and citrus fruits, or the famous chocolate chip cookies, which go well with everything, like a white shirt. We do not forget, of course, the wafers of multiple shapes and sizes for the old cut ice cream, which is a classic and is delicious, without more.

Lemon ice cream sandwiches

As a tip, we give you a recipe that is simpler than the mechanism of a pacifier to make an ice cream snack. The wafers that are used for cutting ice creams, for example, can give us play to prepare a very simple and effective ice cream sandwich, he points out:


  • 100 g of lemon curd
  • 4 scoops of lemon ice cream
  • Lemon zest
  • 8 wafers flat, square type cut or the type you want


  1. Put the wafers on a clean surface and spread them on one side with the lemon curd.

  2. Spread the ice cream on the flat wafers and cover with another waffle to make a sandwich (with the lemon curd inside). Sprinkle the sides with lemon zest.

  3. Freeze the sandwiches for five minutes and enjoy the bite.

Oh, and if you want to stick a stick on the side and bathe the already frozen sandwiches in melted chocolate, we are not going to tell anyone.

With coffee

Prepare a affogato it is as simple as adding a scoop of ice cream to an espresso; if the proportion of liquid is greater than this it will be what we call a float. You can start by trying hazelnut ice cream, which creates a delicious cream after pouring the coffee — drowning it, hence the name — onto the ice cream scoop. Although the most common is to use creamy ice creams such as hazelnut, vanilla, cream, chocolate, stracciatella or coffee, nothing prevents you from getting creative with sorbets such as coconut, the result of which is surprisingly pleasant (and you can flavor with a little liqueur , if you feel like it and you are of legal age). I have narrow-minded friends who argue that a scoop of ice cream floating in a cola or other soda is fit for civilized beings. They will never convince me.

In little glasses

Desserts in cups have been in fashion for a long time: they are comfortable and, if you put a little pampering on them, they will be very satisfying with ice cream. Let a tub of good ice cream of your favorite flavor soften – without overdoing it, the ice cream should be manageable, but not liquid, do it in the fridge – and dose a ball into the cups. Accompany with syrup, fruit in melted chocolate compote, or in noodles or balls, chopped cookies, sponge cake … let your imagination fly, but freeze again until the moment of devouring them.

Do you have the muses on vacation and prefer specific ideas? Chop some Digestive-type cookies, which are slightly salty, and put them in the bottom of some glasses.Add a dulce de leche ice cream, pressing so that all the holes are well filled, and cover with hazelnuts or minced almonds. Add a splash of chocolate syrup and put the glasses, tightly covered, in the freezer so that the ice cream becomes firm again and enjoy them whenever you want.

In the glass, with fruits

Have a glass of fresh fruit and some scoops of ice cream, something that is directly related to the well-known banana split, of which you can make a version with more fruit and less syrups, that nothing will happen to you either. Seasonal fruits in spring and summer lend themselves perfectly to these combinations: melon, peach and peeled apricot, cherries or any tropical fruit. A couple of ideas: stone some cherries and pass them through the pan with a little sugar to cook them and release their rich juice, and add them warm to a couple of scoops of vanilla or white chocolate ice cream; Or run some peaches cut in half and pitted on a full-blast iron, add a drizzle of honey when they are toasted and soft, and combine them with a stracciatella, vanilla or meringue milk ice cream. What comes to mind and you like the most. As in the previous case, you can also add dried fruits, nuts or some dark chocolate shavings.

In the glass, decadent version

If you’ve already lost all the shame – or you have a bomb-proof metabolism – and you want to give yourself a tribute, prepare a glass of ice cream with everything you can think of. Along these lines you have the North American sundaes, like the one we propose in the following recipe:

Recipe of sundae American style

Ingredients for a glass of sundae traditional

  • 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
  • 2 tbsp. chocolate syrup
  • 1 good top of whipped cream
  • Fresh or candied cherries
  • Chopped nuts to taste


  1. Take out the ice cream scoops and put them in a nice and big ice cream cup.

  2. Sprinkle with chocolate syrup to taste.

  3. Whip cream and top the ice cream scoops with a good glob.

  4. Garnish with cherries and dried fruit.

In line with the sundaes, Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory tells us, regarding the custom of setting a table of sundaes to make your own drink at American weddings, that 50% of marriages end in divorce, but 100% of sweet sundae tables end in happiness. Reason is not lacking.


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