Aitana: "It would be cool not to have to ask a guy to join you at night"
Aitana (San Clemente de Llobregat, 1999).

San Clemente de Llobregat, 1999. The most successful of the most successful edition of ‘Operacin Triunfo’ presents a new song, ‘Ni una más’, about sexist violence. For your video clip, Aitana It has had the collaboration of women such as Sara Carbonero, Cristina Pedroche, Mala Rodrguez or Lola ndigo. In addition, he returns to the stage with a tour that starts on July 1 at the Jardins de Pedralbes festival in Barcelona, ​​and then travels all over Spain until its culmination in Madrid, at the Wizink Center, on December 27.

Where does ‘Not one more’ come from?
I had something in me that moved me inside, I needed to put out a song about something that is currently happening. This is a feminist topic, but I wanted to explain it from what I live, from what my environment lives and from the conversations I have with my friends, with my mother, with my aunts … I am very grateful to have a speaker and I’m going to use it to explain a little what is happening to me, what is happening to us. Because if this doesn’t happen to us, why did so many women take to the streets on March 8?
Talk about what you live. What is that personal vision like?
The video clip of the song is about a girl who, throughout a sequence shot, is walking down the street and is all the time tense, nervous, looking back. And nothing happens. And why is that girl tense if nothing happens? Well, for everything that is behind, for everything that happens daily, for the complaints, the cases of raped, abused, dead women … Because since you were little your mother tells you not to go out on the street, which she does not do with your son. That keeps getting inside you and it sucks. Because there is a lot of talk too, but it seems like it’s a joke.
Why do you say so?
A few weeks ago I was having dinner in the center of Madrid with some friends, and my friend and I went home together with her car, which was in the parking lot. We asked a friend: “Hey, would you mind walking us to the parking lot?” He stared at us. And I said “I really have to explain why you have to accompany us? Well, because I’m not sure, it scares me.” It would be cool not to have to ask. They tell you that you are very shit, but it is not true. It is that many things happen around. It’s annoying that you can’t go quietly like other people on the street. Like the boys. Or that going with a boy will make you go more confident. I’m scared to go out on the fucking street, every night.
How do you think things have changed for women in this regard?
The other gave him a piece of information that came out of the Ministry of Equality and that said that there were a thousand assaults and abuses of sexist violence reported per month in Spain. We always talk about how we are progressing, but we do not talk about reality. Of course we are much better than 20 years ago because the women of 20 years ago have fought for us to be as we are today. But we have to fight not to back down and, above all, so that those who come later also have that easier, more ‘paved’, quieter path.
Are you a radical feminist?
I am a radical feminist because I am in favor of equality and not violence. It is nothing else. It is that my message is I know. I want everything to be completely equal and equitable. I really need to feel that a man can’t feel more than me to do whatever he wants with me.
Do you know the risks involved in touching these issues in these times?
I really don’t want to take advantage of any cause. I am simply a woman and I too am living this just like you. It’s not that he comes: “Hey, I want to do these super feminist things here.” It is that it is my day to day, it is that it is what I have sucked. My mother has taught me a lot of values ​​about this. I’m a singer now and I’m not just going to be with “look how I love my boyfriend” stuff. I also have to say the reality of what is happening, that we are not all blindfolded, for crying out loud. Let us express ourselves. Because maybe other people don’t realize what’s going on. Well hopefully they will, because it is a reality and it is what is happening.
You will also know that there are many colleagues in the profession who avoid meaning themselves for fear of ‘lynchings’ ‘online’.
What a shame. What kind of society are we becoming, that we do not stop pointing out and accusing any movement of any person, that nothing seems right to us. But I understand perfectly that there are those who stop saying according to what things, because they reach you from all sides.
How would you define your relationship with the messages you send out regarding controversial issues?
I have been a very short time, without ever getting into any scrubbing, any positioning, always as fairly neutral. I am very cautious with many things and with many topics. Before it was more. But every time I’m trying to get through a little more of the move. But I’m afraid that there is an avalanche behind that will go, boom, to box against me.
How are you handling this end of the pandemic?
I feel very grateful and I think I am very coherent, since my situation is being shit, on the part of the music industry in terms of concerts, but, for everything else, I have been able to telecommute from home, make songs, record things, promotions. And within that part, I have been able to continue giving more path to my music and my career. But there are many other people who have been very bad and very screwed up. Of course, in the concert sector, it sucks. And I am one of the best stops has been coming out. Which is why I am a lot glad that the light shows a little at the end of the tunnel. So, I’m going to put out a tour where I’ve already presented quite a few dates, 25, which is great and I hope it can be done, which I’m almost sure I will.
What is the learning after going through this?
This time has also inspired me and made me value a lot of things. And value them triple. I have a desire to be at three in the morning in a nightclub that I’m dying. And when my whole family is vaccinated, I will run down the street yelling “Happiness!”
There are teenagers who suffer because they think they have lost the best of their lives. And old people who will survive paying too high a price. What do you think of both cases?
Fortunately, when all this happens we will continue to be young. But then there are older people who overprotect themselves a lot because they don’t know how much more time they are going to have anymore. I understand both situations.
What have you liked least about this time?
The first days of being locked in were very cool in terms of full unity: the messages we sent each other, what we can do with it, the memes … But then he turned everything around and instead of supporting each other, we all pointed to each other. the others.
Why does music save us?
Music makes you see things differently. Maybe you’ve been very stubborn or very blinded about something and all of a sudden, wow, it doesn’t matter.

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