This is the car mode of many mobiles that eliminates distractions at the wheel

The General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) has sent a clear message these days against one of the most responsible for road accidents. In view of the fact that the new sanctions for the use of mobile phones will soon be in force, the institution led by Pere Navarro recalled that there are applications on both Android and iOS that allow the operation of these devices without generating distractions to the driver.

“After a minute and a half of talking on the mobile (even with hands-free), the driver does not perceive 40% of the signals, his average speed drops 12%, the heart rate increases sharply during the call and it takes longer to react “, recognizes a study by the DGT on the use of mobile phones at the wheel. A report detailing the dangers of this technology, more and more frequent in fatal errors of Spanish drivers and what it is about eradicating with the increase in fines.

Also, taking into account that if a message is sent by an application such as WhatsApp while it is circulating at 120 kilometers per hour, 660 meters are traveled in which the pilot does not observe the road, Traffic seeks to encourage applications that eliminate these risks and help safer driving.

Some technologies where the application is found CarMode, as well as other similar ones, which omit various functions of the mobile once the service is activated. In the case of this, only allowing the use of music or the browser and both without having to control it with your hands, just for free hands, these technologies are accessible for both Android and iOS.

With these applications you can place automatic messages to prevent other people from talking to us

In the case of the second, with Apple mobiles, this tool is directly built-in from iPhone 11, so it will not be necessary to download an external application for its use. Just by creating an account, the service allows you to limit a series of messages by WhatsApp as well as put keywords, such as’Urgent‘, from which chat notices do arrive, or automatically send messages like “I’m driving“.

A functionality similar to the well-known “Airplane mode”, which is frequently used even outside of flights, and it has more and more development to end these types of infractions that can be expensive. “Even if you do not answer, each call or message notice on your mobile phone can distract you from driving. If you also answer, you multiply the risk of accident by 4. Avoid distractions,” says the DGT in its clear notice to continue with the campaign of ” zero traffic accident victims by 2050 “.

In what situations will the use of the mobile phone be fined with the new rule?

While now only 3 points less on the card and 200 euros are fined, as soon as Congress gives the green light to the new law, these will be the sanctions:

Use of mobile in hand. 6 points and 200 euros.

Carry the mobile in your hand, but without using it. 6 points and 200 euros.

Use of the mobile with hands-free, but there is distraction. 3 points and 200 euros.

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