Itziar Miranda, the actress of Amar es para siempre who triumphs as a writer of books for young people

Known for her participation in the series Love is forever (Antena 3), Itziar Miranda has been succeeding for years as a writer of juvenile novels with the collection Miranda. Now put on the market Miranda and Tato, a collection of stories committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Itziar miranda (Zaragoza, 1978) gets up very early. At four in the morning, when her daughters and her husband are still asleep, this actress he turns on his computer and starts writing. A time “of concentration and tranquility where no one calls me on the phone,” she says, which precedes the pick-up by the transport, at half past six in the morning, which take you to the set of Love is forever, the famous Antena 3 series. Every week, in five days of intense work, Miranda and the other actors in this production record six episodes (“we are like a clock, although we take great care of everything we do”). And every time you have free, Itziar takes out his laptop and begins to write.

Because, although Itziar Miranda (Zaragoza, 1978) is identified by most people as Manolita, one of the main characters in the series Love is forever, this Zaragoza actress has been developing a second activity for a long time that is giving her a lot of joy. These are books for young people.

Cover of the book 'If you want to help me, leave me alone'.
Cover of the book ‘If you want to help me, leave me alone’.

In 2015 it launched stories about women inside of Miranda Collection (Edelvives) and now his new challenge is called Miranda and Tato, a collection of stories also for young people which she has created together with her brother, Jorge Miranda, and her husband, Nacho Rubio (“we are family and we say everything without mincing the tongue”), as well as with the help of experts such as Father Angel; Federico Buyolo, former director general of the Office of the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda, or Javier Martos, executive director of UNICEF Spain.


The peculiarity of Miranda and Tato (Edelvives) is that mystery stories include references to the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) proposed by the UN in its 2030 Agenda, such as gender equality, the end of poverty, zero hunger or clean water and sanitation. “Miranda It has grown from the 8 years it had on the books in the previous collection. He is now 11 years old and cares about everything around him“, explains the interpreter and writer.

Itziar Miranda combines her work as an interpreter with writing.
Itziar Miranda combines her work as an interpreter with writing.

“I would love that readers enjoyed the adventures of Miranda and Tato and that they were aware that we are all actors of change if we want to have a more sustainable and just world. Before when we launched Miranda, little was said about feminism because the term was a little misunderstood. Luckily, time has passed and it seems something more common. “

Now they have hit the market If you want to help me, leave me alone Y Boy, what are you doing with my shirt?. In October saldrn of the books ms and, in March, another two in which Itziar Miranda, Jorge Miranda and Nacho Rubio are currently working.

Proof that Itziar Miranda likes to speak openly, her way of explaining what the collection is about is very direct. “Life is full of taboos that, in the end, all they do is that we are not committed to anything. On Miranda and Tatothere is talk without euphemisms of MENAS, of energy poverty or even arranged marriages with minors. While politicians look for ways to talk about things and hook up with each other, the rest of us have to do something. No one should be left behind. I hope those who read Miranda and Tato and their families be actors of change without having to wait for what the politicians do. “

Itziar Miranda gives life to Manolita in 'Amar es para siempre'.
Itziar Miranda gives life to Manolita in ‘Amar es para siempre’.


The hardest part for Itziar Miranda has been approach the language of the young with these books. For that, he has ‘pulled’ very young classmates such as lvaro de Juana, who gives life to his son in fiction in the series. “It was my coach to find out how young people speak today. I had no idea what terms like mi crush, bro, epic fail… and other people like the daughter of my friend Laia Portaceli have helped me a lot. It may be funny, but listening to him speak is how best I have managed to understand his language (laughs). Y I think we got it right. At least that’s what the kids tell me … “.

In the series Love is forever (and, before, in Love in troubled times), Itziar has had almost everything, including pregnancies. “They had to ‘get pregnant’ my character to take advantage of those of my two daughters. The day I went into labor I left four sequences without recording …”, he adds with a laugh.

The illustrations of the stories are made by ngeles Ruiz.
The illustrations of the stories are made by ngeles Ruiz.

“I love my work as an actress as much as writing. Now people know that I write, but when the Miranda Collection in 2015, no one had any idea that it was me. “Although, as I wish and uniting her two passions, Itziar points out a last dream:”buttonhole Love is forever follow in 2030, when the Sustainable Development Goals have been achieved “.

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