Five finger-lickin 'empanadas

Zamburias, chicken curry, vegan version or tuna … When they are made with care and good raw materials, they are a delicacy

Empanadas from Moega.

Classic or with somewhat more daring mixtures, the fame of the empanada continues to grow. There is a lot of offer, but not everything is the same. As with roscones or croissants, the difference between a good and a bad one is difficult to hide. Here are five addresses where they are made with care and the best raw material.


It is small local from the Barrio de las Letras, they make delicious Galician empanadas. Manuel Cabana, its owner, opened the business in 2015 and since then his good reputation has only increased. Both the bread and the empanadas, which are sold by quarters, half or whole, are made by hand. “On a Friday or Saturday we can sell 70,” he says. His recipe: “We make them with the formula used in the north of Galicia. We use typical wheat flours of the area, with a lot of flavor, extra virgin olive oil, a little corn and sourdough, as in the old days. “The most sold is tuna; essential, zamburias,” without any sand. , we do everything by hand here “; and, the most original, is the vegan, creation of the house. They have a total of eight varieties: octopus, cod, meat, sardines and mussels complete the menu.

Address: Len, 26. Tel .: 633 13 30 25. From 16 euros.

Empanadas from The Patissier.
Empanadas from The Patissier.


Confinement was the trigger for Ricardo Vlez to jump into the salty universe. A pastry chef, he has always been curious about the world of bread and puff pastry, which he sells in his space The Patissier, bakery and headquarters of the brand. It is common for queues to form at the door; The tuna and tomato confit empanada already has a legion of followers -it is the most sold-. For original, the cod with dried apricots stands out. “The dough is made one day before puff pastry so that the flour is fully hydrated with the water and in this way the folds between butter and dough are better formed”, explains Vlez. In this charming space in the Salamanca district you can also find half nights, quiches, crackers and parmesan cookies.

Address: Columela, 9. Tel .: 91 435 66 00. Price: from 18 euros to 24.50.

Confitera Blanco sends its empanadas throughout Spain.
Confitera Blanco sends its empanadas throughout Spain.


If its cakes, its polkas and its almonds have already conquered the most demanding palates, its empanadas are not far behind. From obrador from Torrelavega, a town located just over 20 kilometers from Santander, they make their products daily and, for a few months, they have also sent them to all of Spain in less than 24 hours. The empanadas have their select puff pastry baked with a soft mixture of the best bonito from the north and tomato, as well as chorizo ​​from Potes and bacon. Puff pastry, considered one of the best in our country, has been working in this family business since 1898. “The way of doing it has barely changed from that used by my great-grandfather, Ángel Blanco,” said Mara Blanco, the fourth generation at the helm of the brand, recently. Its products are well known in the area and, little by little, they let themselves be loved a little further. The Botn family is among his regular clientele.

Address. Consolacin, 11. Torrelavega (Cantabria). Tel .: 942 881 012.

Glory Empanadas.
Glory Empanadas.


The Galician Gloria Daz -born in Viveiro, Lugo- is behind it home. In 2009 he started with a store in Alcobendas, before joining up with other artisan producers from Madrid and making the leap to the Vallehermoso Market, in Chamber. After losing his job, and having to support his children, he set about creating something of his own with the family recipe for empanadas. “My grandmother, my mother and my aunt did wonderful things,” she recalls. “They are artisans and I do not give the recipe to anyone“She makes everything, from the dough to the filling,” everything by hand. “She has lost count of how many varieties she has, but she knows that the one with cod, apple and raisins has become the star. The tuna, the meat and the spinach and goat cheese also sell wonderfully. “I have been inventing mixtures,” he says. The squid in its ink, chicken curry and blood sausage with apple are just three examples. “Now I’m back with the cheek pie.” She also makes apple and cheesecakes.

Address: Vallehermoso Market (Vallehermoso, 36) / Po Baroja 12 (Alcobendas, Madrid). Price: from 18 euros. They serve at home in the downtown area. Tels .: 675 49 96 14/662 571018.

Galician empanadas Furancho offers more than 12 varieties.
Galician empanadas Furancho offers more than 12 varieties.


It is family business It has just opened its fourth store in Madrid, on Calle de Orense, after five years of operation. They sell their empanadas by weight and make them every day in each local with artisan bread dough that is sent to them from Galicia and a sauce of onion and pepper with olive oil as a base. From here they add different ingredients to create their 12 varieties: tuna, meat, cod, chicken with mushrooms, mussels, scallops with scallop sauce, lacn with chorizo ​​… “Among the most frequently requested by customers is zamburias, cod with raisins, octopus and tuna”, count. And there are two that Galicians especially appreciate: “the zorza and the xoubas, well known in Galicia and little in Madrid”. In the stores, they also offer a wide range of Galician products, ranging from cheeses to wines and spirits, passing through sweets and preserves.

Addresses: Caleruega, 18 / Carretera de Canillas, 84 / Santa Engracia, 40 and Orense, 27.

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