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Journalists, translators, writers or anyone who deals with a text may need tools to translate or to correct the writing.

Is this phrase well understood? Do you have too many adverbs or passive voice? What does this term mean? With what synonym can it be substituted? How would this sentence be translated? Many people face these and other doubts in their day-to-day lives.

Professionals of journalism, translation, writing or writing, or anyone who is faced with writing or reading of a text may be in a similar situation. Luckily, there are digital tools that offer a solution.

Either because your job requires it in your daily activity, because you are writing an email or preparing a document, because you are traveling in a foreign country or because a specific question has arisen: these extensions to translate languages ​​and improve your writing will help you communicate more effectively and correctly and make fewer mistakes Of writing:

Google Translator

If you are looking for a free English to Spanish translator (or many other languages), this is one of the best. In addition to its online version, it has extensions for browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, among others.

Google Translate provides a simple, fast and fairly reliable way to translate. When you present yourself with a text in another language, you just have to press the Google translator icon (in the browser toolbar, at the top of your screen) and it will automatically offer you a translation.

It is always advisable to do a review —especially for set phrases, colloquial expressions, abbreviations, a more complicated term, etc.—, but the results are usually of quite quality. It has dozens of languages, including Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese, Italian …

Language Tool

Language Tool is a multilingual spelling, grammar, and style checker with a website and extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

As you write, this extension highlights errors in different colors (red for spelling, yellow for grammar, blue for style) and proposes correct alternatives to replace them. In addition, you can also share possible synonyms for a word.

A good tool to improve the writing that, yes, requires a revision, since it may not recognize some terms, foreign words or proper names and mark them as errors.


Transover is a useful extension for translating into English or other languages, highly rated by its users (4.6 out of 5).

This tool, which has the option of detecting which language it is, allows you to translate specific words or fragments of text easily and quickly, just by placing the cursor on it.

RAE Dictionary

Of course, another extension that helps editors, journalists and anyone who writes and reads on devices is the RAE dictionary. It is a very simple tool that offers the meaning of the terms that are marked.

You just have to highlight a word, right click and choose the extension of the RAE dictionary: at the moment a window will appear on that same page in which you will find the meanings of that term on the website of the Royal Spanish Academy.


Another extension to translate languages ​​similar to the previous ones is Rememberry, which also has a positive evaluation by those who use it (4.6 out of 5).

In addition to translating the selected text, this tool offers learning methods, the possibility to customize the translation, pronunciation of the term, synonyms, antonyms and reminders to continue learning.

Finally, it has the advantage that it can also be used without an internet connection.

Hemingway app

It is not an extension as such, but it is a good – and curious – tool to improve your writing. This is based on the style of Ernest Hemingway, from which it assesses the legibility of a text (with a number and a comment) and highlights what can be improved.

Hemingway, one of the great writers of the twentieth century, was characterized by a sober and direct style, with short sentences, few adjectives and adverbs and in which nothing was left over. This tool behaves in a similar way, which monitors sentences that are too long, counts adverbs, highlights the use of the passive voice and warns of overly complex sentences.

The online version is free. This tool is especially suitable for those who have to write in English, although for all languages ​​it recognizes if the sentences are very long, what the reading time is and how many characters, words, sentences and paragraphs it has.

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