The winger Saúl won the league with his team and celebrated Atlético's: he died when he took his head out of the van
Neptune wears a black bracelet. Also an Atleti scarf and the pride of a League that was won as the rojiblanco team has won the last few: on the last day, suffering and coming back. That was part of the plans. The bracelet thing, no.

Neptune wears a black bracelet because he put it on Boil, the mattress captain. Because fatality slipped into the euphoria of the party. It was just after the comeback at the José Zorrilla stadium in Valladolid. 207 kilometers from there, a young fan lost his life just before starting to celebrate, after an unfortunate traffic accident.

Neptune is in mourning and wears a black bracelet in memory of a champion. Saúl, a fan of Torrejón de la Calzada only 13 years old, who had traveled to the center of Madrid with his friends, to celebrate the league title that the team of his loves had just won.

Koke put the bracelet on Neptune

A few meters from the Fountain of Neptune, something happened that tied a knot in the stomach of all of Spain, regardless of the colors. A knot that will take time to unravel: little Saúl stuck his head out the window, with such bad luck that he hit one of the walls of the parking lot of the Plaza Santa Ana. There he lost his life.

THE SPANISH He has spoken with people around the boy who has starred in the sad note of the weekend. It costs to listen to the testimonies without breaking inside. A teenager who loves soccer, who experienced it as a fan just as he played it on the grass. Without keeping anything. Courage and heart. By his side they traveled his twin brother Iker, both students of 2nd year of Baccalaureate. Also three other colleagues from their Parla team and two adults who accompanied them in a van. No one can believe what happened yet.

Little champion

Saúl came from winning everything. Literally. The boy played as a winger, for either of the two bands, in the CD Fair Play de Parla. He and his twin brother resided in the neighboring municipality of Torrejón de la Calzada, but both came to Parla daily, to play and train. Both played in the ranks of Infantil A, but often came down to reinforce team B. Both have won their respective league titles.

It was a day to celebrate: their Fair Play CD champion was proclaimed twice. His Atleti, the team of his heart, was preparing to do the same that same afternoon, starting at 6:00 p.m., in Pucela. Therefore, the entire squad left that lunchtime lunch, to celebrate their own and prepare for the Cholo title, which was going to fall in a few hours. Nobody had proof, but neither doubts.

Ambulances in Plaza Santa Ana after the event

Ambulances in Plaza Santa Ana after the event

Emergencies Madrid

The boy arrived in Madrid after the game, aboard a van driven by the mother of one of his teammates who were also on board. Shortly before 8:00 p.m., the referee whistled the end in Valladolid. The eleventh for Atleti. The pride and the explosion of glee. Tears of happiness.

The truth of the facts

The van was preparing to park in the Plaza de Santa Ana parking lot, a facility near Neptuno, with a narrow and twisty access. There, the first point they make from the boy’s surroundings: “It is a lie that the van was very fast. It is a lie that he demolished several fences safety down the road. It is a lie even that he was with his uncles ”, they clarify, after what they have read in some media after the tragedy.

It is also false, they say, that the boy had half his body out of the vehicle when the acts occurred: “It didn’t happen like that and it is physically impossible. They weren’t in a car. They were in one of those large vans, type Mercedes Vito, whose windows are too small for a person to get half a body, “continues this same source, who acknowledges that” we are all in shock. Children and the elderly. I think we all need to break down, mourn it and accept what happened, because we still don’t believe it ”.

A few meters from the parking lot, Neptune was already waiting, brand new and proud. But it was at the entrance to the parking lot, after overcoming the access ramp, when Saúl encountered fatality in the form of a concrete wall. According to witnesses to the death, the boy I had only stuck my head out the window. And he did it at the worst time.


“It is fatality, there is no other way to explain it. The impact caught him looking back and hit him on the back of the neck. If it had happened to him looking forward, perhaps we would be talking about a simple trauma, a broken nasal septum … but it hit him from behind and the impact was terrible ”.

After the coup, chaos. The notice to the ambulance, to the police. The difficult access between a river of people who, oblivious to misfortune, shouted and sang songs of victory. The euphoria, just a few meters from the misfortune. Separated only by a ramp on which I lay lying an Atleti flag.

The assistants could not do anything to save the boy’s life. About an hour trying to revive him. The efforts were useless. Beside them, his friends from the Infantil, his twin brother and the two adults who accompanied them. All witnesses of how Saul was extinguished; all received psychological assistance at the scene.

Shortly before 11 o’clock at night the death of little Saúl was certified: “a very jovial, very cheerful child, always joking. Like his brother. A great colleague, much loved by all, and a great person ”, these sources explain to THE SPANISH, with tears interrupting the story.

The shock

“I can’t tell you much more either. Everyone is in shock. The kids, we … We need to assimilate it and mourn it, because no one believes it yet ”, concludes this same source, who prefers not to identify himself“ out of respect for the family. The father asked about the driver, if she was okay or not. He is aware that there are no good or bad in this story. There is fatality, which has been primed with them ”.

The Samur toilets, after treating the deceased adolescent in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid.

The Samur toilets, after treating the deceased adolescent in the Plaza de Santa Ana in Madrid.

Emergencies Madrid

His football team, the Parla Town Hall, the clubs his Infant was up against. All without exception have issued their notes of condolence. Everyone in Neptuno, during the night and in the middle of the celebration, had a word, a memory for the boy who got up that Saturday ready to celebrate everything that football was giving him.

The last was Koke. The Atleti captain fulfilled the rite of placing the red-and-white scarf on the god of the sea that accredits him as champion and makes his neighbor Cibeles pale with envy for a whole year. But he also had a moment to lay a black crepe. Because the staff had knowledge of the event in the bus that brought them back to the capital. And they acted accordingly.

Neptune is in mourning. Saul is dead, an athlete at heart, just when I came to visit him. Now emotional tributes will be celebrated in his memory. The victory is marred by this sad fact; the only thing that can be done is to remember and honor him. Neptune wears a black bracelet and it is in honor of Saúl, the champion who could not be that night celebrating the victory of his Atleti.


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