Atlético de Madrid have lifted their eleventh league title, one more trophy from the Simeone era who is proclaimed as the most successful coach in the entire history of the rojiblanco club. On the other hand, Zidane and Koeman, Koeman and Zidane. The two names that make the covers in Madrid and Barcelona due to the uncertainty that surrounds them in the face of their future at the head of the bench FC Barcelona and Real Madrid.

Meanwhile, our fellow members are subjected to the most rogue test of Spanish sports radio with rogue questions.

The rogue questions

Does Atlético aspire to win the next Champions League?

Tala: “He cannot be the candidate number 1, or number 2, or number 3 to be champion of Europe.”

How many members of this Sanhedrin must apologize to Simeone?

Pinto: “I think that, by boat soon, I have 3 that this year have missed Cholo: Romero, Gallego and Antón Meana.”

Does Simeone deserve to remain the highest paid coach in the world?

Romero: “I think that among the best three yes. Each one deserves what they are paid. What a coach who earns 22 million net cannot complain that he has a short squad, because if he has that money it is because he will not have much more left. “.

If Zidane leaves … Is she scared like the one from 3 years ago?

Gallego: “Well yes, because he is leaving with a valid contract. What he has to do is explain very well the reasons why he is leaving.”

How many alternatives for the bench does Real Madrid handle?

Torrejón: “Una, Massimiliano Allegri”.

Gareth Bale, in addition to defending Hazard, has said that the Spanish press charged him for not granting interviews … Is Bale right in his accusations to the Spanish press?

Meana: “To a certain extent yes. In this Sanhedrin things about Isco have been justified that if he were from Cardiff they would not have been justified.”

Torrejón: “I think that especially the Spanish press criticizes the foreign player more easily than the Spanish player, who has more facility.”

What moment of Zidane in Madrid would you highlight as his masterpiece?

Pulido: “The 3 Champions League he has achieved with Real Madrid. But he is having a triple lack of respect: his players, his president and his fans.”

Did Barcelona despise Luis Suárez?

Jordi Martí: “Not at all, but in the field of feelings I cannot enter. From the first day I said that what I did not understand was why I had given it to a direct rival. (…) What Barça has done it is freeing yourself from a very fat wage bill. “

Has Atlético de Simeone played better football than Barça de Koeman?

Marcos López: “There have been times when yes, Atlético de Madrid played very good football with innovations from Simeone.”

Who is the culé sacred cow that has the most difficult continuity?

Flaquer: “I think Jordi Alba”.

Bonus track

Will we see Spain before winning Eurovision or Zidane in a third stage in Madrid?

Gallego: “A Zidane in a third stage”.

What could be worse news for Real Madrid: the goodbye of Zidane or the goodbye of Ramos?

Romero: “Neither would be good news.”

Is it logical that Luis Enrique summons players tomorrow who have played 5 games or less this year?

Julio Pulido: “If it is Sergio Ramos, it would be more than fair for him to go to the European Championship. There are no better centrals and physically he will arrive better.”

According to Diario AS, Sergio Ramos is not going to play the Olympics … Decision of the Federation, Luis de la Fuente or Sergio Ramos himself?

Meana: “It will be a consensual decision, I am convinced that De la Fuente has spoken with Ramos to find out if he was one of the players over 23 who wanted to go to the Games.”

List at least three important players that you think will not continue next year at Real Madrid

Torrejón: “There is a lot of talk about Varane, but I don’t think it’s just him. Casemiro I don’t think so.”

If Agüero ends up playing for Barça, does it mean that Messi rules the club?

Jordi Martí: “Man, what it shows is that Messi has weight in the club’s decisions. If this signing finally takes place, I link him to Messi’s continuity, otherwise I won’t explain it to myself.”

Has Laporta been disrespectful to Koeman in the last month?

Marcos López: “Rather, he has lacked confidence, since he has not believed in him, he has ended up revealing himself. We will see what remains to come, there are still chapters to write, more than expected.”

What do the fans of the Catalans feel when they know that part of Luis Suárez’s file is still being paid by Barcelona?

Flaquer: “It is one of those that Bartomeu did, the Suárez affair is associated with a Suárez affair. The feeling in Barcelona is that Luis Suárez’s stage was over.”

How many games do you think you will see from the new Conference League?

Pablo Pinto: “Three. The final and the semis, the same.”

What dessert would you prepare for Talavera as a reward for this great season in which all the Atléticos have vibrated with their stories?

Iturralde González: “I have it … I would prepare meringue for him.”

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