Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler in Hendaye (France) in 1940.

1. I met Pedro Sainz Rodríguez in the last years of his life. He was the model of the clever, tireless and subtle fat man, who from his youth, moving in the shadows, had been present behind the curtain at all political scrubs: in the bathroom with the mistress of the apostolic nuncio Tedeschini to rip some letters from him. committed; in the conspiracy of the Sanjurjada of August 10, 1932 against the Republic, in the preparations for the July 18 Uprising, in the maneuvers of the Monarchy for 40 years together with Don Juan in Estoril to regain the throne. Sometimes he would invite me to lunch and while the soup fell from the corner to his napkin, which he wore knotted like a child around his neck, he would tell me very surreal stories.

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“Look, those who say that Franco cracked himself in the sanjurjada lie.” I was present at the interview at the Camorra restaurant on the hill of the Partridges, to which the three of us went after outwitting four policemen, and there Franco told Sanjurjo: “I do not give you my word to join your uprising. , I don’t promise you; I’ll do whatever it takes, depending on the circumstances; What I assure you is that if the Government decides to send force to dominate that movement, I will not go and, furthermore, I will ensure that no one goes. I will do nothing so that you do not succeed. ” Franco didn’t get into trouble because he feared losing his career. In those days, to try to convince him, I met him in the small hotel on Victoria Street where I lived in those days. He arrived a bit upset because he thought he had been followed. After chatting for a long time, the internal phone rang. It was the concierge who asked if a man had come up to my room. Upon hearing this, Franco thought the police were going to arrest him and lay down in the bathtub behind the curtains. It was simply the taxi driver who had brought Franco and asked if he was going to get off because he had not paid for the ride. And four years later it took him a lot to join the uprising of July 18. He demanded that they put 40,000 duros in Italy and, even so, the password to join Mola was a telegram in which he declared himself faithful to the Republic, just in case. Franco was very cautious. For example, when Mola was killed and an obelisk was erected at the scene of the accident, in the Council of Ministers we told him that he should go and inaugurate it. He refused outright: “No. no, that is a very dangerous valley and a red plane may arrive and drop a bomb on me ”.

2. One day I asked the writer Ernesto Giménez Caballero what the high point of his eventful life had been. Sitting in an abbatial chair there in his study, he began to wave his arms like the blades of that windmill that Don Quixote had mistaken for a giant and with a very similar madness, he told me:

“The highlight of my life happened during a dinner in Berlin, two days before Christmas Eve, 1941, invited to Goebbels’ house. Outside, bombing alarms were sounding and the clamor of Gestapo patrols was heard. Before dinner I had given Goebbels a cape of lights so that he would fight Churchill, and in that Goebbels had to go out because Hitler called him. When I was alone with Magda, his wife, in a private room where the logs of the fireplace burned, I thought I had been taken by a superior force and I explained my great vision, the possibility of resuming the House of Austria that had been interrupted with Carlos II the Spellbound. Magda was sitting across from me on a green and gold satin sofa. But then she made me approach her to offer me a glass of liquor, which she warmed with her hands and lightly moistened the edges with her lips. In that atmosphere of ember and passion, I felt that I was going to play the card of a great destiny, not only mine, but my country and the whole world. So I proposed the formula to reach the armistice of Europe while resuming the Hispano-Austrian lineage. It was about marrying Hitler with a newly minted Spanish princess, such as Ingunda, Brunequilda or Gelesvinta. There was only one possible candidate for her cleansing of blood, her Catholic faith and above all for her strength to drag the Spanish youth: Pilar Primo de Rivera! Hitler had to be married to José Antonio’s sister. Hearing this, Magda’s eyes watered with excitement. He took my hands and clasped them with his. And bringing his mouth close to my ear, he whispered the great secret: “Your vision is extraordinary and I would gladly bring it to the führer, but it turns out that Hitler has been shot in the genital and has been impotent since his time as a sergeant. There is no possibility of continuing the line. The Eva Braun thing is nothing more than a cover to hide ”.

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