First trailer for Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead movie has already been released on Netflix and it has really very gory scenes.

Attention SPOILERS. The movie Army of the Dead leaves very few main characters alive, because the zombies are slowly killing them. But without a doubt one of the most shocking deaths is that of Maria Cruz interpreted by Ana de la Reguera. Since he is one of the first characters to join Scott Ward (Dave Bautista) and there was great chemistry between them. But what further increases the impact of that moment is how quickly it happens and how graphic the scene is.

Now the actress Ana de la Reguera has revealed how they did that scene in the filming of Army of the Dead:

“Because my face is supposed to be turned upside down, they literally put my boobs in the back and my butt in the front. They just changed my body and then they put this prosthesis with a thing around my neck. And I was like the prosthesis from 7 in the morning and I started filming that around 1 in the afternoon and it was very uncomfortable. So that was my least favorite day, because it was hard to wear that thing. “

Ana de la Reguera He went on to explain that the positioning of this prosthesis was hitting a specific spot on his neck that actually elicited an emotional response:

“It was very strange, because I was hitting something here and I was getting excited. I do not know why! So I started crying in the middle of the day. And then they gave me some jelly beans and then it was good. “

This is how they did one of the most brutal deaths of Army of the Dead (SPOILERS)

This is how they did one of the most brutal deaths of Army of the Dead (SPOILERS)

What is the movie about?

On Army of the Dead, a being escapes from a military convoy and arrives in Las Vegas. There he begins to infect people who quickly turn into zombies. So the city has to be contained with a wall. Some time later, a casino owner hires a mercenary to assemble a team and recover a large amount of money. But what was to be an operation to enter and exit, turns into a real hell, since the zombies are faster, stronger and smarter than expected. In addition, the problem is added that the United States Government is going to bomb Las Vegas to eradicate all those beings.

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