Would you dare to rent a motor home to travel with your family or friends through Peru? For that type of adventure you have to have an adventurous spirit, definitely. If it exists, it won’t be very difficult for you to decide after reading the López Alvarado story. Otherwise, then, it is worth evaluating. In pandemic times, a campervan is a great alternative to get away from home safely while maintaining social distance, provided, of course, that the ‘bubble’ of those who undertake the destination remains. This was seen by the protagonists and administrators of the social networks and YouTube of Daddies for the first time, a popular local Internet account in which the family made up of Yazmín (38), Hugo (36) and the twins Marcelo and Leonardo (7), share content related to trips and experiences as a family. Recently, everyone, including their dog Leia, returned from traveling for 30 days along the north coast of the country aboard this small but comfortable vehicle that already has fond memories in all. Let the boys say them, for example, who on returning to Lima have not stopped putting together the scenes lived with their laymen.

The López Alvarados in Cajamarca on one of their frequent trips before the pandemic began. (Photo: Instagram Papis for the first time)

The family on vacation in

The family on vacation in “the new normal.” Here at Disney last December. (Photo: Instagram Papis for the first time)

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A little background, first. Yazmín and Hugo, feeling very involved in raising their children, decide to open a blog just when they are born, that is, almost eight years ago. This, then, becomes a web page, and then jump to Facebook and Instagram. “At first we wrote a lot, we did catharsis of our new motherhood and fatherhood, but later it was combining these contents with a passion that my husband and I share: traveling. When I was single, I used to escape from Lima for as many weekends as possible. Hugo is from Pucallpa, something similar happened to him. He was always doing adventure tourism. As they grew, it was easier to share this enthusiasm of ours to see the world. And so we have traveled with them to many places. Of course, then the pandemic arrived, ”says Yazmín, who is in charge of the couple managing social networks. Hugo, for his part, sees everything that refers to audiovisual content. The two, dedicated to other areas until a year ago, are already dedicated exclusively to Daddies for the first time.

The mother and former manager of an investment banking company continues: “The pandemic started and we stayed exclusively at home for eight months. We shared content about parenting in those circumstances, however we decided to travel later in this ‘new normal’ to Pucallpa, Hugo’s land. From there we went to the United States for Christmas, always with all the biosafety protocols, many discard tests involved. The main thing for us is to be sure not to get infected for obvious reasons, and because finally the idea is to enjoy the outings ”.


Yazmín narrates that the idea of ​​making a trip of this type had already been in their minds for a long time, but that it was realized after some friends, owners of a house rental company, offered them the facilities to do so. The route: the north coast of Peru. It was still hot, restrictions for some beaches had already been lifted and the road does not have difficult challenges such as curves or high passes.

“Everything was slow to enjoy it. From Lima we went to Huacho and toured all the beaches in that area. We sleep in Ducklings, where you can camp or sleep with your camper. From there we go up to Tuquillo, then to La Gramita. Broadly speaking, then we arrived in Trujillo, we visited Chicama and other spas. Then we went to Piura and visited all those beautiful beaches: Lobitos, Cabo Blanco, Vichayito to reach the end of Tumbes and also continue exploring there ”, Yazmín details.

She explains that there were two key issues in planning the trip for the issue of security in terms of assaults and Covid-19: “It was a very well-armed route from Lima, I took the trouble to contact people, hotels or restaurants so that They will rent their parking lots to us, in some cases, or allow us to park outside their establishments. We were also on beaches where there was shelter. Only once did we sleep on the street, next to a park in Piura, and for that we asked permission from the police and serenazgo of the area. That allowed us to move calmly. And regarding the Covid, well, we did tests before leaving and when we returned and we did not leave our family bubble, that is, we only stopped with ourselves, we did not go to visit anyone or anything like that. Very little contact with other people, other than to buy food or manage certain things. That kept us free from the risk of contagion ”.

The experience for the whole family has been extraordinary. “We have been amazed to find so many people who have reached out to us. I think that also has to do with how the pandemic has hit tourism. They were super happy to see us, a visitor is a rare specimen these days. I remember that in Cabo Blanco we went to Black Merlin, where it is said that they make the best ceviches in the country, and the owners were very excited to serve us. They told us that it has been a miracle that they have not closed until now. The truth is that it makes us feel good to be able to contribute a little bit to such an affected sector, ”says Yazmín.

And the boys, what do they say about all this? “For them everything has been extraordinary. That trip will be something they will never forget. And that we continued with the virtual classes, they never stopped, sometimes they did it with the view of the sea. During recesses they went to run to the sand … As soon as they arrived in Lima they began to recreate the camper and scenes that we live with the lay people. They tell us that they miss that little house a lot and that they want to go back. It is a perfect trip to make a bubble with the family or a small group of friends ”, he comments.

Daddies for the first time has already started to launch a weekly chapter on its YouTube channel every Sunday. In total there will be 15. Take a walk and get inspired. It could be the start of a memorable adventure //.

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