The battle of a mother against the Biscayan Provincial Council for taking away her daughter

It will be the battle of a mother who will try to prove in a trial, “how David vs. Goliath“, that the Provincial Council of Bizkaia took away” illegitimately “and” violently “from his daughter, without paying attention to the rejection and fear that her father generated.

Irune Costumero tells in an interview that nothing will give him back the four years without his daughter, nor separate birthdays or Christmases, nor will it alleviate “the pain of seeing her go away crying and frightened”, but she trusts that the Bizkaia Court will condemn the four officials who made her life and that of her daughter “torture” .

I have been advised to throw in the towelLet her stop now that they finally let me be with her one weekend out of every two and part of the holidays; They have even threatened me “, explains this mother who will face the three days of trial that will be held from June 7 to 9 in the second section of the Biscayan Court” like David against Goliath “, for” my daughter and other children ” who suffer “that institutional torture.”

The procedure against the Biscay Minors Service will seat the provincial deputy for Social Action, Sergio Murillo, and three officials for alleged crimes of prevarication, mistreatment and crime of mental injuries for having taken a daughter from her mother without the knowledge of the judge, who had previously decided on a joint custody regime.

The Diputación has not wanted to present its position in the face of these accusations and has added that “whatever you have to say, will do it in court“.

The court must rule on whether the four heads of the institution separated both knowing that they were not acting correctly and if they are, in addition, responsible for their suffering.

An attempt will be made to determine if this situation, for which The UN sent a harsh communication to the Government of Spain and for the one claimed by the Ministry of Equality headed by Irene Montero, it is a case of institutional violence, based on a report that stated that the minor suffered an alleged syndrome of parental alienation (maternal, in this case).

This syndrome, scientifically denied by the World Health Organization (WHO), was rejected by the General Council of the Judiciary and he will be persecuted by the Child Protection Law approved in the Courts, considering that it undermines the credibility of mothers and buries testimonies of mistreatment, turning suspicion towards them.

“He asked for exclusive custody of the girl, and what the Justice did not give him, the Provincial Council gave him,” regrets Costumero, who still does not understand why the children’s service did not investigate the cause of the “absolute rejection” that the minor felt towards her father.

Along with Murillo, they are charged the Head of Reception and Assessment of the Children’s Service of the Provincial Council, Maria Antonia Giner; the head of the Children’s Service, Consuelo Alonso; and the social worker of the Children’s Service Maika Urutxurtu.

The prosecution requests for the accused five years, eight months and one day in prison, in addition to 15 years of special disqualification for public office or employment. Due to this complaint, the Diputación de Bizkaia has already had to deposit 600,000 euros in court.

For Irune Costumero, the request for penalties “it’s laughable for all the damage they are causing. “

The day his daughter was taken from him

The mother remembers with pain how on August 4, 2017, before uniformed Ertzaintza agents, the civil servants land they took his daughter away, who was then 5 years old. “They took her away by force and flying, ignoring her cries for help and despair.”

She says that an official read her the order in which she was informed that the Provincial Council was assuming the provisional guardianship of the minor and that she would live with her father, while he heard the cry of his daughter walking away down a corridor.

Took three months to see her again and for three years they could only be together two afternoons a week and always under surveillance.

All that time, Irune exposes, they “threatened” the minor and they told her that “if she did not accept being with her father, she would not be able to be with her mother again” and they never treated her “when she said she was afraid of her father”.

“It would be unthinkable for a raped woman to be forced to live with her rapist, but my daughter,” after reporting mistreatment, “is followed forcing to live with him“, reflects on a possible double victimization of the little girl.

Irune Costumero hopes that a sentence will end all that institutional “abuse”, and it breaks when explaining that “human rights have not existed” in those meeting points of the provincial service, where “they are inhumane. They make you feel like shit, “he denounces.

Rocío Carrasco’s docuseries

The case of Rocío Carrasco, presented on television before millions of viewers, “will help to make visible” this type of violence towards women and that “it stops being a taboo”, values ​​this Basque mother who belongs to the La Volaera association.

“She has made it clear that the laws they are not guarantors of the protection of the wife or children“, he warns, while trusting that this testimony favors” a social change “and measures are adopted that prevent there from being” a loophole that can legally protect “these situations.


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