The recent aggression suffered by different journalists who were trying to cover the activities of the presidential candidate of Free Peru it was not the product of chance. It has been a direct consequence of the incitement against the press that has been sustained by the own Pedro Castillo throughout this campaign. And the fact that his harangues about the supposedly “garbage” content of the media are in tune with the government program drawn up long ago by Vladimir Cerrón suggests that such harassment is, in fact, a central element in their strategy to tempt power and stay in it if they achieve it.

Judging by what the Datum poll released yesterday indicates – a slight uptick in Castillo and a stagnation of Keiko Fujimori– the scenes of the angry mob chasing the reporters Stefanie Medina and Carlos Brown of Canal N have so far had no impact on the intention to vote for the candidate with the hat, and that gives an idea of ​​the seriousness of the situation we face : We have slowly slipped into a scene of violations of the essential rules of democracy without anyone being too scandalized. And what until recently seemed unthinkable, is now presented as everyday trifles.

–Indulgences auction–

If, say, a recording of a congressman-elect from Free Peru claiming that if they take power they will not leave it, many people simply look the other way or are satisfied with the timid Castillo about. Or, worse still, he tries his own formulas to get the chestnuts out of the fire to the holder of the murky confession (and, consequently, also to his candidate). As Cardinal Pedro Barreto did, for example, this week when he proposed that the declaration of yore not spread “so much” because, without a doubt, what he is doing is dividing.

And just like him, other representatives of the various sectors of the left that have approached Cerrón and his vicar in this second round they begin to finish off indulgences when asked about the aggression we are commenting on. They first murmur, of course, a brief sentence (in the manner of someone who goes through an annoying paperwork), and then proceed to dispense extenuating circumstances, both for the violent mob and its instigator.

The fact that these characters try to “make invisible” –neologism that they use ecstatically– the abuse of press freedom that the sending of enthusiastic supporters to beat journalists is not going to inhibit us, however, from making notice in this little column that this primitive-looking action is actually part of a meticulous plan.

Intimidating the uncomfortable media in an effort to silence them is, in effect, an effort consistent with those of “deactivating” the Constitutional Court (TC) and the Ombudsman’s Office or closing Congress to install a Constituent Assembly in their place. These are objectives that have been chosen because their purpose is to limit the power of who holds the reins of the Executive, and what the duo CastilloCerrón seeks is, clearly, to prevent that from happening if it is Free Peru who obtains the electoral victory on June 6.

The strategy includes simulating amendment purposes before public opinion when the reaction to the announced or outlined crash of democratic institutions becomes too noisy. And then Castillo sign citizen proclamations on respect for the current Constitution or change the verb “deactivate” to “strengthen” when referring to the Ombudsman’s Office or the TC … and then return to the initial speech and continue advancing towards the possibility of exercising a tyranny without restrictions .

This is what he has also tried to do with regard to verbal and physical attacks on the media and reporters, but the tongue twister that has come out speaks for itself. “All over the country he talks and tells me about the jam press. And I think that, at this moment, no one should feel alluded to because, in any case, if it were, we believe it is important that these things have to be done, “he said. And if that was the word of the teacher, you can imagine how confused the students must have been.


The new meaning of the expression “stop the presses” that seems to have been in vogue since Free Peru, then, it will continue of insurance in the two weeks that remain of the campaign. For now, through pickets of proselytes who, armed with pitchforks and torches, chase journalists who are just doing their job. But if they get to the government, things promise to get much worse. And the same can be anticipated about all the other safeguards of the democratic system against the abusive exercise of power to which Castillo already threatened.

As has been said ad nauseam these days, we are notified of all this, but too many people do not finish opening their eyes to that reality and it is possible that when they do, it will be too late to avoid the totalitarian outgrowths of the regime that they want to fool us.

A real shame, because the love of freedom should not be a value that is learned through blows.


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