Prime Video: the 8 best thrillers to watch on the platform

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Thriller cinema is one of the most consumed in the world, perhaps because the adrenaline that runs through the body while watching a movie of this genre is insurmountable. Prime Video announced new entries to its platform in the suspense genre such as “The Curse of La Llorona”, “1408” and “Mortal Horizon”.

Here we share a list with the movies that have suspense and horror and that you cannot miss this 2021. What others would you recommend?


A group of friends come to a kind of sect or community that lives in nature, in Sweden, in order to share new experiences and learn about the rituals of the summer solstice. It is a community where daylight is almost permanent. Between hallucinogens, strange events begin to happen and that apparent harmony of communal coexistence reveals its true face. The writer and director of “Midsommar” is Ari Aster, a renowned horror film director.

2. 1408

A writer (John Cusack) who lost his daughter decides to stay in a very private hotel. He has a room that has a black legend: everyone who stays in room 1408 ends up dead. In disbelief he takes the room despite the warnings; but when you want to get out of it, you can’t. A series of paranormal events inspired by a Stephen King story. Also starring are Samuel L. Jackson.


A couple decides to attend a wedding on an island, and for this they rent a small plane just for the two of them. Suddenly, the pilot dies of a heart attack and the couple must figure out how to land the plane and not crash. It is a film produced in 2021.


It seemed like a good idea to spend New Years with friends in the Ural Mountains, but it turned into a nightmare. As the group of friends rode the cable car to the top of the mountain, the manager cuts the electricity and they get stuck in the air during the night and the freezing temperatures. Snowboarding will have to wait, now it’s time to see how to survive.


Mexican film that recounts the real drama of ‘Las poquianchis’, a group of rugged sisters from Guanajuato dedicated to prostituting young women and keeping them in extreme conditions. The press of the time recorded the encounter of the police with the network of victims of ‘las poquianchis’ and were surprised by the state of mistreatment in which they found themselves, many of them were murdered and buried. They are real events that occurred in 1964 and the film was made in 1970.


Set in Los Angeles in the 1970s. The ghost of ‘Llorona’ appears at night to terrify the children of a house in search of their own. Legend has it that the ‘Llorona’ murdered her own children in moments of madness and, repentant, threw herself into the waters of a river to drown. From that moment he became a very dangerous banshee.


After a catastrophe that destroys almost all of humanity, a lonely man (Peter Dinklage) lives in an abandoned village, happy with the utopia that was created, until someone interrupts his tranquility. A young woman (Elle Fanning) threatens to interrupt her loneliness. It is the fourth feature film by Reed Morano, director of several episodes of the series “The Handmaid’s Tale.”


Spanish film by Alejandro Amenábar from 1996. A young university student conducts her research for a thesis on audiovisual violence. To do this, he contacts a mysterious student known for having a collection of films with this theme. Almost without realizing it, the protagonist enters the world of ‘snuff’ cinema, from which she cannot easily escape.

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