Summer is here, the hot season and hangouts with friends. And, who does not want an ice cream. For most Spaniards, eating one is giving themselves a moment of respite. That is why supermarkets are betting on this product. It is the case of Mercadona, that lately sweeps all kinds of products like their air fresheners O bagels.

The Hacendado brand has managed to surprise for years on the shelves of the supermarket in Juan Roig with an innumerable variety of ice creams, always advocating for total quality products. But … Who is really behind the best-selling ice creams? EL ESPAÑOL has analyzed 10 types of this delicious delicacy from Mercadona and has discovered its great suppliers: Alicante Y Ice Cream Summer.


Apart from the striking acronyms of AIADHESA, this great brand is made up of a group of 35 ice cream artisans from the towns of Jijona, Ibi and Alicante, where no one commands more than another, and currently managed by Federico Garcia. Helados Alacant, which is how everyone really knows it, has been standing up to the large multinationals that dominated the food sector since 1972.

The famous ‘mini cream’, one of Mercadona’s favorite ice creams.


The good operation of the company stems from the concern of artisan ice cream makers in the province of Alicante with their small factory located in San Vicente de Raspeig. It was then that the whole team decided to found AIADHESA (Asociación de Industriales Alicantinos del Helado y Derivados SA).

Mercadona and Helados Alacant somehow gave the first kiss in 1994 and since then their relationship has been enormously satisfactory. The Alicante company increased its income to 100 million euros, dedicating 70% of its efforts to providing ice cream to supermarkets throughout Spain.

The last current sales record of this provider increased its turnover reaching 99 million euros, so its commitment to international destinations has become the main lever of the Alicante company. The company already has more than 250 partners and exports to places such as the United States, Russia, Canada and also to Saudi Arabia. Without a doubt, it is currently positioned as two of the best-selling ice cream brands in Mercadona.

This is the white chocolate ice cream.

This is the white chocolate ice cream.


Ice Cream Summer

Helados Estiu is a great ice cream brand that has been making history for more than 35 years. A small company that started with 100% of the Valencian capital, born in 1983 by the hand of a group of local ice cream makers in Red shore of Turia. Since its entry as a Mercadona supplier company in 2015, its income increased 60% more than the previous year, billing 42 million euros.

The refrigerator maintains a policy of constant improvement and reinvestment. They combine family tradition with modern manufacturing and a strong commitment to the environment and development. Its success began with the launch of the “Original afternoon of three chocolates” and “Mini chocolate biscuit”. Going from manufacturing half a million liters of ice cream to almost 20,000 million liters.

The latest objectives of the brand have been to invest 20,000 million euros in the creation of a new manufacturing facility in Cheste (Valencia) and in the international launch of the Wao Mochi, a product that has undoubtedly succeeded, with profits of 2, 7 million euros.

Another favorite: the 'Chocolate cookies'.

Another favorite: the ‘Chocolate cookies’.


Top 10

After reviewing who is hiding behind Mercadona’s white brands, let’s now go on to see which are everyone’s 10 favorite ice creams and what we can find now that summer begins.

1. Mini born: Mercadona’s mini cream ice creams are already a success. They are an ideal size to have as a dessert in a small portion and avoid abusing sugar, an ingredient that appears on the list several times. They are made by Helados Estiu and other ingredients are: skimmed milk, wafer, sugar, butter chocolate, special chocolate coating, coconut and palm vegetable fat, lactose and milk proteins. With a price of 2.35 euros and includes 12 units.

Mini cream ice creams.

2. Black black: It is an ice cream flavored with cream, sweet and fresh for the arrival of summer. With traditional ingredients such as milk, chocolate and butter. The package contains six units coated with a layer of dark chocolate. It is among the ice creams preferred by Mercadona consumers. They cost 2,19 euros.

The 'Negro preto' costs just over 2 euros.

The ‘Negro preto’ costs just over 2 euros.


3. Chocolate cookies: Creamy ice cream in a tub. They are sold in a 500 ml glass that will help you refresh yourself with its incomparable flavor. Everything is a matter of knowing how to choose the ideal occasion to share an ice cream and that little bit of irreplaceable satisfaction. They cost 2.50 euros.

Chocolate cookies.

4. Super born: The traditional chocolate and cream sandwich can be found in the Mercadona’s refrigerators for 2.10 euros per package, with 6 units. A mix of flavors: chocolate, cream, and chocolate chips. Ideal for hot afternoons, although you can actually enjoy it at any time of the day.

Super born.

5. White chocolate: In the same range of chocolate cookies is the Hacendado brand white chocolate pot. It contains 500 ml and you can find it in stores in five different flavors: dulce de leche, cookies, nougat, cheese cake and mint with chocolate. For a price of 2.25 euros.

White chocolate.

6. Stracciatella: One of the tubs that you cannot miss when shopping is Stracciatella. It is made up of cream ice cream with chocolate syrup and delicious pieces of the same flavor, which will give it a different touch for ice cream lovers. With a price of 2.30 euros and an advertised content of 600 g.

Another favorite across the country, that of stracciatella.

Another favorite across the country, that of stracciatella.


7. Horchata ice cream: With this product we have the perfect combination for those who like the mixture of hortacha with ice cream. In this pack of 10 units you will find ice creams for 1.85 euros. The advertised content is 800 ml.

Horchata ice cream.

8. Lemon ice cream: Hacendado brand ice creams with lemon are one of the most chosen by customers. With lemon water they are one of the Mercadona ice creams that contribute the least calories per unit. It is advisable to store in a cool place with temperatures of -18Cº. Lactose-free and gluten-free, for only 1.50 euros with 10 units.


9. Three flavors: If you are undecided when choosing an ice cream, with this tub that Mercadona has between its shelves, you will not have any problem. The option of having the three typical flavors in your fridge: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. A pack of 3 units with an advertised content of 1000 ml. It costs 1.35 euros.

Three flavors.

10. Cream and chocolate cake: With a larger format, the traditional ice cream and chocolate cake will not be missing in the fridge. With an advertised content of 1000 ml, gluten-free so that any consumer can purchase it. It costs 1.45 euros.

That of 'nata choco' is one of the classics and offered by different brands.

That of ‘nata choco’ is one of the classics and offered by different brands.



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